, 01.06.2020 01:34 PM

Don’t speak ill of the dead, Bruce Livesey

…that’s what I was taught, growing up.  You evidently weren’t.

Back story: sadly, Diane Ford died.  I tweeted this about her passing.

That elicited this simply extraordinary reaction from Bruce Livesey, an actual journalist who has worked for the CBC, PBS and others.

I responded.

Anyway, it’d be bad enough for a nameless troll to write what he wrote. But for an actual journalist? Pretty awful.

If you agree, feel free to him know what you think. I did.


  1. Michael Clifton says:

    I think I posted 4 tweets, in different threads, letting him know exactly what I thought. Yes, pretty awful.

  2. Maureen Boland says:

    Honestly I CANNOT believe that a living person would speak this way. There are not words to express my utter disdain for this. It’s no wonder we are living in the MOST divisive times I can recall. It’s frightening. If this person is employed I wish his employer would see this and perhaps have something to say to him. SHAMEFUL. I’d be shattered if this was my parent.

  3. Sue Redpath says:

    A terrible thing to write about the death of someone’s Mother. It is hard to believe some people actually think this way.

  4. Jamie Gilcig says:

    The world is rapidly tipping to insanity sadly. Giving condolences is never a bad thing, really.

  5. PJH says:

    His momma raised him wrong……’nuff said.

  6. Steve says:

    Bruce Livesey sure likes to throw the word “psychopath” around when describing the Ford brothers and Scheer, doesn’t he?

    Part of the definition of “psychopath” is “superficial emotional responsiveness” and “callousness and a lack of empathy.”

    Pot, meet kettle; you have a LOT in common…

  7. Steve T says:

    Another example of what gives life to dangerous leaders like Trump. You get “journalists” (quotes intentional) like Bruce Livesey, employed by very mainstream outlets like CBC and PBS, spouting hatred and garbage against anyone who isn’t fully bought-in to their version of left-wing reality. It causes normally rational center-right voters to throw up their hands, and feel they have to support an equally scuzzy person on their side.

  8. Joe says:

    What an asshole, but expected of those that work as mouth pieces for our communist dictator Trudeau. This is the kind of garbage that is rampant at the CBC. A racist, xenophobic, Laurentian Elitist propaganda arm of the Trudeau communists government. When civil war comes, people like this will be the first to go.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      You sound equally crazy and scuzzy saying off-the-wall shit like this. Civil war? Puh-lease. Get off of 4chan.

      • Pedant says:

        Well, this individual has worked for the CBC and for all we know still rakes in a salary from taxpayers, including from those who supported the “psychopaths”. Ask yourself whether such an emotionally unhinged individual from the right of the spectrum would ever be permitted to work at the CBC.

        Harper should have defunded that decrepit den of deceit (big on aliteration today) when he had the chance.

    • The Doctor says:

      “When civil war comes . . .”

      I guess you got transferred over from the Breitbart comments section. They’re constantly going on about that over there.

  9. He wouldn’t happen to be in a situationship with that other one, now would he?

  10. Ron Benn says:

    Mr. Livesy’s response is a classic example of the need to read, re-read, and think about it, before hitting POST. Something a journalist should have learned during his university years.

    I had never heard of Mr. Livesy before today, but his immature, knee jerk response will remain, forever, my first impression of him.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “I had never heard of Mr. Livesy before today”

      Me neither.

      “but his immature, knee jerk response will remain, forever, my first impression of him.”

      Agreed…and this is probably the very reason why we’ve never heard of him. No class whatsoever.

  11. lyn says:

    All I can say about Bruce Livesey is A$$ Hole!

  12. WestGuy says:

    So no one is going to point out the wording? “But he did after all work…” It’s clumsy, especially for a reporter, a profession that demands on effective wordplay. It should have read “But, after all, he did work…”

    • Fred from BC says:

      Also “…to give condolences to the mother…”

      No, sorry…the mother is the one who is dead, so you can’t offer her condolences (especially on her own death).

  13. Martin says:

    The asshole actually doubled down:

    Bruce Livesey
    ‏ @livesey416
    5h5 hours ago

    Bruce Livesey Retweeted Bruce Livesey

    I do have one regret with this tweet: I should have put a comma between the words “psychopath” and “Andrew Scheer”. That was very ungrammatical of me. Otherwise I wouldn’t change a word.

  14. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Well, at least he hasn’t yet been recruited by the PMO. He would fit in just perfectly over there…

  15. Pedant says:

    Never heard of him. Seems to have the temperament of Michael Harris. And if you’ve read Harris’s screeds, “psychopathic” is actually a term you’d use to describe HIM.

    • Pedant says:

      I see he has worked for the CBC. Why am I not surprised. Is this wonderfully impartial, totally non-partisan individual still on the payroll of Canada’s state-funded broadcaster?

    • Robert White says:

      Michael Harris is an excellent historian, and Liberal stalwart journalist. I recommend him.


      • Pedant says:

        In the 90s he actually leaned right on issues as often as he leaned left. Somewhere along the way he contracted an extreme case of Harper Derangement Syndrome and subsequently aged 40 years in the span of 15.

        • Fred from BC says:

          That’s for sure. It got so bad that his editor at IPolitics developed the habit of jumping into comment threads to defend him. It got so bad that the very first time he managed to post an article about Trudeau, Trump or something else unrelated to Stephen Harper without manufacturing some totally off-topic pretext with which to justify including at least one insult to Harper, people actually noticed (and commented on it).

          It wasn’t long after that, that he left IPolitics and went to The Tyee.

          His bio brags about what a fine investigative journalist he used to be and how many “Commissions of Inquiry” were supposedly “sparked” by his work, but he’s just a sad shadow of that now.

  16. Mr. T says:

    Andrew Scheer who was so boring he (maybe) lied about being an insurance agent is a psychopath? Sure…

  17. It should be noted that the Star, no friend to the Ford’s, covered the story decently and with decorum. That is what one would expect from professionals. Why some fool would make such a disgraceful and hurtful comment in public forum speaks to that person’s lack of compassion, and quite frankly any shred of humanity. I’m glad Warren took the time to show what is found under the various rocks in the world of social media today. When it comes to guys like the one in question (I will not dignify his commentary by using his name), it’s a long road without a curve.

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