04.10.2020 11:14 AM

Distracted, Trump?


  1. Gloriosus et Liber says:

    I love the stuff from the Lincoln Project. Rick Wilson is the best.

  2. Douglas W says:

    Republicans have no defence …. except turn on their leader.

    It’ll happen because those up for re-election ain’t going down with the ship.

    • The Doctor says:

      Not going to happen in any significant way. Republicans will line up with Trump and the alt-right propaganda machine and deflect and blame China, Obama etc

      • The Doctor says:

        All kinds of moderate fence-sitters have already jumped ship — Mitt Romney, Justin Amash, the entire editorial board of the Bulwark, remember John McCain? Even (now former) members of Trump’s own administration like Scaramucci. It makes no difference. The Trumpsters just label every one of those people a RINO and continue on exactly as before.

  3. Well, at least he hasn’t hit himself in the head with the club. Guess he’s not playing at the RMS Titanic Golf Course?

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Biden is kissing the Bernie Bros’ ass now in hope that they line up for him in the general. I would rather see that effort now than in the election but let’s face it, with or without that effort, that bunch has a decision to make: go solidly and massively with Biden or keep Trump in office. If they screw Biden, like they did Hillary, may they pay for it as Albright once suggested.

  5. Shawn says:

    ““This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,””

    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci

    Trump closed all travel from China. On January 29

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