05.02.2020 10:12 PM

Oh my.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Quite something. Presidents invaribly, get wiser after leaving office.

  2. Steve Teller says:

    Amazing. Pick any sentence in that entire video – Trump couldn’t pull off any of them.

    Interesting to note how Bush was painted as a demon by many on the left. How times change.

    Thanks for sharing, WK. Let’s hope it has at least some of the intended effect on the U.S.. They surely need it.

    • The left calls a right-wing leader a demon, the right responds by picking a bigger demon as a leader.

      Rest assured, it is possible to pick someone worse then Trump. It is up to the Republicans not to do it.

      • Mark D says:

        Some on the left. And some on the right do the same.

        Others don’t.

        Which is why two of George W. Bush’s good friends are are Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama.

      • Steve Teller says:

        It is also up to the left to think about excessive use of hyperbole, which causes otherwise-rational people to tune out.

        I know that is what drove some people to vote for Trump. They noticed that any opinion that didn’t toe the line was shouted-down with repeated cries of racism, sexism, greed, war-mongering, etc.. Now that we have someone who is actually many of those things, the criticism is not even acknowledged by those people anymore.

        • Fred from BC says:

          Well said.

          It’s also worth noting, for the benefit of the more poorly informed among us, that the Republicans did not ‘pick’ Donald Trump…most of them wanted nothing to do with him, in fact. The US political system, unlike ours, does not allow ‘benevolent dictators’ to pick and chose who is allowed to run for office and who is not. My understanding is that Trump, a Democrat for *most of his adult life* , knew he could not have taken the nomination from Hillary Clinton (who had effectively already bought and paid for it), so he simply turned to the Republicans because they didn’t have a strong enough field of candidates to stop him. By the time the Republicans realized what was happening it was too late to stop him (although the “Never Trump” people did try).

          • Mark D says:

            Yes, this is something many forget. Fox News was actually as critical of Trump as CNN was last presidential election. And for the most part the Republican establishment avoided endorsing or strongly endorsing Trump during the campaign.

            It was not until after Trump scored his upset against Clinton that much of the Republican establishment and Fox News got on board with Trump as president.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Or perhaps Bush was truly a terrible president and is now looking awesome simply because of the absolutely unbelieavable shitshow that now occupies the WH.

  3. Pipes says:

    That’s what I expect to hear from a President rather than “DUH……..”

  4. The Doctor says:

    And of course Trump responded to Bush’s video with narcissistic whining. Like the classy guy Trump always is.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Some things never change.

      • Fred from BC says:

        Bush And Trump have nothing but disdain for each other. Even before Bush’s 2017 speech, aimed directly at Trump, about “bigotry and white supremacy” they had a poor relationship, and took shots at each other whenever possible.

        (but don’t tell that to a TDS sufferer)

        On the other hand, Trump has donated money to Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and other Democrats, and is good friends with Rahm Emmanuel’s brother and a few other people you might be surprised at. Politics makes for strange bedfellows, as they say…

  5. I supported Bush on 9-11 (-01) but did not in Iraq.

    Of course, I understood one thing clearly: when Hussein tried to off HW, his son wasn’t about to let that one pass.

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