, 06.07.2020 09:55 PM

KINSELLACAST 111: Mraz and Kinsella on coronavirus, BLM and hypocrisy


  1. Robin says:

    Hi Warren,
    Spot on with the hypocrisy comments. I wish your program had time to discuss whether or not Trudeau’s tacit endorsement of BLM is good messaging as BLM has a history of violence and murder. What were his handlers thinking?

  2. Andy Kaut says:

    I want that song at 8:30 or so.

  3. Darcy Wallace says:

    Good episode this week. Enjoyed more informal long form discussion format with some disagreements between friends. Great podcasts are more like an FBI wiretap than a produced cable news segment.

    Ps: You mentioned we should enquire about outro song

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