06.20.2020 08:02 AM

“Zero tolerance”

In the Trudeau era, it means there’s literally zero you won’t tolerate.


  1. JH Hennessey says:

    It apparently is zero tolerance depending on whether the Liberals need the seat or not.

  2. joe long says:


    Trudeau has ethics?

  3. Gyor says:

    I’m curious what your take on Biden vs Tara Rief is then?

  4. Mark D says:

    I don’t mean this in a “whataboutism?” type of way: In some ways, I think Mr Trudeau benefits politically from the day-to-day media controversies surrounding Mr Trump’s presidency. That is, as Canadians we never really get a chance to give Mr Trudeau’s controversies any deep thought because Mr Trump easily takes back the news cycle the next day.

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