07.13.2020 11:01 AM

Highly-scientific poll™️ on WE scandal

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  1. Martin says:

    He just admitted he made a mistake and apologized. So glad we cleared that up.

  2. Quo Vadis says:

    Breaking news…
    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he “made a mistake” by not recusing himself from his cabinet’s decision to outsource a $900-million volunteer student grant program to WE Charity, which has close ties to his family and himself.”

    Watch the MSM move on as if though nothing ever happened and as CBC’s Aaron Wherry has already claimed “Justin is a victim of his own privilege and status”

  3. Steve T says:

    You missed one: But, but, the Conservatives did stuff like this too! At some point in the past. Maybe. Bad Conservatives. Bad! Did we mention bad Conservatives?

    Scroll down Twitter from your post, and look at the excellent rebuttal from Michael Barrett to exactly this sort of defense. A defense, notably, that is being dutiful parroted by some in the media.

  4. “Our climate policy sucks, but not as badly as the Conservative’s.”

  5. Hugh says:

    Should one ever get caught doing something they ought not be, the appropriate response hereafter is
    “I offer you my deepest Trudeau apology!”

  6. Douglas W says:

    O’Regan and Telford raised $400,000 for WE Charity, prior to the Liberals getting elected in 2015.
    Which companies/individuals made the donations?

    Did the above ever gain contracts from the government, following the Liberals’ 2015 victory?

  7. Max says:

    Another “blind spot” as a result of his privilege and status. Same as the Kokane Grope and Black Face. Bind spot! “Yeah, that’s the ticket” says Katie. “Gold Gerry (Butts). That’s pure gold I tell ya.

  8. PK says:

    What would you do if you had nazi-sympathizers following people around to smear them ,and they were all white collar? Not typical Nazis, but well dressed, culturally homogeneous, and violating privacy rights and pushing propaganda to destabilize the lives of talented and much harder working people – It happens in Canada and nothing ever happens to stop it

  9. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    I would have voted for

    “We need to learn from this experience. Which other people may experience differently.”

    Starting to have more sympathy for the western separatist viewpoint if this is going to continue to be what the ROC considers good governance.

  10. joe long says:

    Justin Trudeau. Gets caught doing something he shouldn’t.
    Step 1. Lies about it.
    Step 2. Blames someone else.
    Step 3. I can’t comment, it’s cabinet confidential.
    Step 4. Says I’m sorry, this should be a learning experience for us all.

    Real leaders are accountable. More and more Justin Trudeau is behaving like a Soviet General Secretary.

  11. joe long says:

    Perhaps the ethics commissioner should have mandatory ethics courses for Liberal members of Parliament? There seems to be a lot that Cabinet Ministers don’t know. lot

  12. the real Sean says:

    Whatever your stripe, you have to admit the Toronto Sun just keeps killing it with the front page headlines:


  13. Gilbert says:

    Justin is sorry he got caught. He never expected he would. Did someone from his party leak information to the media?

  14. Pedant says:

    On February 17, 2011, Justin Trudeau tweeted that Bev Oda should resign over a $16 glass of orange juice.


    • joe long says:


      You should know by now Justin is a big picture guy. Why spend $16 on orange juice when you can bill the system for hundreds of thousands.
      – the WEscam monies
      – eight boats for Harrington Lake
      – expensive refit to the cottages at Harrington Lake
      – expensive housing and moves for Telford and Butts (oops they got caught)

      Interestingly this time he hasn’t said “WE has to do better”

    • Robert White says:

      Being a Harper Conservative and knowingly purchasing a $16.00 CDN glass of orange juice is blasphemy, and tantamount to breaching the ethos of the Harper era conservatism which is a punishable offence under Canadian electoral rules that Canadians govern themselves by.

      Conservatives don’t purchase $16.00 CDN glasses of orange juice unless they are something other than conservative, or fiscally prudent managers of the public purse.


  15. Gerry,

    Your point is well taken. But you will no doubt agree that a litany of so-called mini-scandals usually has a corrosive effect on a government’s support. Drip, drip, drip, did a lot of damage during Harper’s majority mandate and it will no doubt reduce Liberal polling numbers to at least a reasonably significant extent. How could it be otherwise?

    • Chris Sigvaldason says:

      “Trying to benefit his family.”
      You meant to say “Already benefited his family to the tune of over $300,000.”

      A couple of questions for you…
      Will you support Trudeau and the Liberals no matter what laws they break? What is your line in the sand?

      We are now going beyond the Liberals’ behaviour and entering the realm of morality of the Canadian electorate. Trump supporters and Liberal supporters are becoming more and more alike. Blind to their heroes’ criminality, sanctimony, arrogance, and narcissism.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Surely it hasn’t escaped you that parties are inevitably royally sick of scandal mongering when it’s on OUR side and beyond fucking thrilled when the other guy gets to wear it?

      The Universal Law of Politics: what a gas.


  16. Walter says:

    Expensing expensive OJ (Oda), or claiming questionable travel expenses (Duffy – which turned out to be legal), are petty scandals.
    Taking government money to enrich family and friends is a major scandal.

  17. Joseph says:

    Well I guess this could blow over as long as nobody was trying to circumvent sections of the election act.
    Sections like 368, 371, and particularly 497(1)e,f,g

    By the way, what does strict liability mean?

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