07.29.2020 08:35 AM

Thread: how to prosecute the WE scandal, in ten easy steps


  1. Lorne says:

    Here’s a question. How is it no one billed or followed up on the $41,000 owed by Morneau?

    • Lorne,

      It was my impression that a spokesperson for WE at some point said that this trip was complimentary and it was standard practice to offer such trips to certain parties.

    • Pedant says:

      Morneau is an afterthought, in my opinion. He’s hapless and oblivious. The Conservatives cannot let Morneau be the fall guy while the scheming, corrupt, sleazebag Trudeaus are shielded yet again from any consequences of their actions.

  2. Joseph says:

    So then per the rules, the opposition should be demanding Margret Kemper come before the committee and explain why she was paid to attend cocktail parties?

    • JH says:

      Excellent point. Except now Jesse Brown of Canadaland has exposed that lie, providing an invoice showing the Ms. Kemper under the alias of Margaret Trudeau was actually paid a $7500 fee as a speaker.
      Also interesting to see that almost half a million bucks were paid to the Trashy Trudeaus only after the 2015 election. Nothing before.
      As WK points out, it’s never the acts themselves that get you, it’s the cover up.

      • joe long says:

        It’s the cover up …

        Look for Justin to say there is no cover up. He’s running a totally open and transparent government. Mistakes were made, they were acknowledged, and their actions should be a lesson in honesty for us all.

        The CBC will go orgasmic over Justin’s transparency, and they’ll publish photos of conservatives not wearing masks.

        In addition look for some new Liberal multi-billion dollar handout announcements.

  3. Steve T says:

    Is it wrong that I am really enjoying the spectacle of the virtue-signalling, hypocritical, child-indoctrinating cult of WE go down in flames?

    The fact it is taking the self-annoited Natural Governing Party with it, is just icing on the cake.

    • the real Sean says:

      The most ridiculous part of the story is that these guys started out trying to stop child slavery… and seem* (avoid defam.) to have come full circle by using a government scam to lowball paychecks for student workers by calling them “volunteers”.

  4. Gilbert says:

    Here are three questions for the prime minister: 1) Did you know your mother, brother and wife were paid by WE? 2) Will they return the money they were paid? 3) Should I have to ask if they will return the money?

  5. the real Sean says:

    The Prime Minister’s testimony will treat us to another masterful display of discursive erudition… a bursting cornucopia of parliamentary wisdom… a calm and reasoned illustration of the highest ethical standards required for the prudent public expenditure of limited funds.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    A smart tactical move occurred by not testifying on SNC. It greatly limited downside political risk. The Prime Minister’s testimony will have the exact opposite effect. The PM will convince no one of anything other than this government absolutely has to go.

    This is not recoverable even if the Liberals manage to get God to testify in their favour. They are beyond done as dinner, and they know it.

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