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  1. Steve T says:

    In a way, I almost feel sorry for Trump. I know, I know – hear me out.

    He has created such an atmosphere of retroactive “support what I say” in his administration, that his people desperately give him ridiculous statistics that support his prior statements and rosy future-casting. In a vacuum, and absent any critical review (which his staff know not to provide), Trump gets the reinforcement he wants.

    Trump is also far too stupid himself to appreciate the massive shortcomings of these flawed stats, so he just blithely goes into an interview like this one, thinking he will outsmart the interviewer. Unfortunately for him, it’s not really possible for him to outsmart anyone.

    This is as much the fault of his sycophants as it is Trump’s. And that’s saying a lot.

  2. And some say The Lord has no sense of humour: just figured it out with preliminary info that yours truly could very likely be related to YouKnowWho, the subject of this post.

    That would be on his mother’s side, The MacLeods from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and Harris.

    (Frankly, I’d prefer to be related to Obama, le cas échéant! LOL.)

  3. I knew the interview would be bad, perhaps devastating but he seemingly isn’t as cognitively affected as I was expecting. But like you said, it ain’t great either.

    At least Biden is apparently less mixed up than Trump but no question he’s also having some problems.

    I wonder what kind of President will be in office after a four year term. I hope the next Prez isn’t severely mentally incapacitated as Reagan was half way through his second term.

  4. We knew something was seriously wrong when Reagan referred to a member of his own cabinet as Mr. Mayor.

  5. Douglas W says:

    Soon, very soon, Republicans will completely turn on this fool.

    Replacement: Nikki Haley.
    And she’ll win the White House against Shoeless Joe (Biden).

    • the real Sean says:

      If there is a crazy mid summer replacement and I wouldn’t completely rule it out, it will be Pence.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Of course protocol suggests it has to be Pence but it’ll happen when Republican elephants fly. Meaning never.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Some in the Senate think they need to turf Trump to save their own majority behinds. That won’t happen cause Trump thinks he can walk on water and will never, ever, cave.

      More importantly, when push comes to shove and the base has to choose, no question 99% of them will go with Trump. Trump and the base expect blind loyalty from Republicans on the Hill so it’s in their own interest not to rock the boat otherwise it’s primary challengers galore across the board.

  6. Pipes says:


  7. Off Topic But Strangely Comforting:


    LPC: 33

    PCP: 31

    NDP: 20

    GPC: 6

    BQ: 8

    As Gleason would say: “How sweet it is!”

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