10.07.2020 09:43 PM

My quick reaction to the VP debate


  1. the real Sean says:

    Pence has the demeanor of a sad depressed person, barely able to drag themselves out of bed in the morning. Body language: “someone make it stop and get me out of here”…. Also, if you listen to the stupid shit he says, its really obvious that he is not in her league. Not on the field.. not in the stands.. not invited to the tailgate party… If it weren’t for the foolishness of politics and elections, a filthy little weasel like this would never be invited to discus serious issues on a stage with the likes of Kamala Harris. Loser. Political dead man walking and he knows it. His time would have been better spent eating Raid pellets as a virus cure.

  2. Gilbert says:

    I thought Mike Pence did very well. He mentioned fracking, the Green New Deal, plagiarism, ISIS and the senator’s liberal voting record. When the media focuses on a fly, you know Mike Pence was great.

    • Mark D says:

      The reaction I’m hearing and seeing out of the U.S.:

      – Democrats and those who lean Democrat think Harris won the debate.

      – Republicans and those who lean Republican think Pence won the debate.

      – Moderates and independents were left skeptical of Harris.

      – Among the Democrat base and likely voters, that had been skeptical of Harris going into the election due to her past support for the War on Drugs and tough criminal justice sentencing, her popularity increased significantly as a result of the debate.

      So overall I would say the U.S. electorate was left more polarized by the debate than there being a definitive winner or loser.

  3. Max says:

    What’s up with Pence trying to do his best “La Chiffre” impression? Weeping, bloody eye not a good look. We need a close up of that eye Warren.

  4. Canny Scott says:

    VP Pence delivered a master class in how to win a debate.

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