10.08.2020 07:21 AM

The buzz on the VP debate, in tweets


  1. Pipes says:

    I loved it when she said, three consecutive times that “they are coming for you”. Best line of the debate and a great T Shirt. Also any half decent horror flick has flies that indicated the presence of the devil.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Candidly, I scored it a draw. I was left with the sense of two decent people who happen to be good politicians (read liars). And the other extremely irritating thing: Kamala quite deliberately avoiding the pack the court question and Mike doing ditto on whether Trump will leave office if he loses. I sat there thinking Fucking Politicians!…

    • Mark D says:

      According to most polls I have seen…

      Democrats and those leaning Democrat scored it a win for Harris.

      Republicans and those leaning Republican scored it a win for Pence.

      Moderates and independents were left skeptical of Harris.

      Harris’ popularity within her own party (where she had been suffering due to her past support for the war against drugs, and “get tough on crime” measures) rose significantly.

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