01.19.2021 10:45 AM

Is it impossible to catch white supremacists?

No, it ain’t. My pal Nick Kouvalis caught Paul Fromm trying to get a CPC membership.

He kicked him out.


  1. Dan F says:

    So what changed? Why did the party accept him as a member now?

    • Doug Brown says:

      He used a different first name this time.

      Can’t expect a political party to run background checks on ever donor. However, Press Progress figured it out, so maybe it isn’t too difficult

  2. faithless elector says:

    …would’ve been green lit by LPC in record time.

  3. Phil in London says:

    There is a home for the nazi lovers, it’s called HELL but before they can go there, they have no business in a mainstream party. Mr. Sloan obviously needs to be shown the exit door by the CPC caucus. Anyone who disagrees should be shoved out after him.

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