, 01.31.2021 02:36 PM

KINSELLACAST 144: Lilley, Mraz and me on vaccines – where are they, Justin?


  1. faithless elector says:

    Saw the interview with Minister of Small Business today. She was saying everyone will be vaccinated September. There is obviously no hope at all that this is even remotely possible. Ministers who say stuff like that shouldn’t even be allowed on serious newscasts.

  2. Sean says:

    Trudeau has always used a massive amount of mascara to provide cover for his corruption, ethics violations, and perpetual incompetence. For most of his miserable existence as prime minister, this was enough to keep his followers content. But now things are different, very different. His COVID strategy has resulted in 20,000 dead and when compared with better managed jurisdictions, this incompetence borders on criminal. And with a botched vaccine rollout, many more are likely to die. But even this nightmare won’t dissuade the Manitoba Mammoth of CBC from throwing herself at his feet.

    • Sean,

      Yes, she has said several times in the past that she is from Manitoba. LOL.

      • Martin says:

        So, I thought the prevailing wisdom was that we were doing relatively well as far as deaths were concerned. I didn’t check it. Today I did. Have to love math. The usual suspects thinks we are doing well with our ranking of 39 for vaccines delivered but are patting themselves on the back with the fact that we are 46th as far as deaths per capita.

  3. Martin says:

    The whole cabinet has been saying “stuff like that” for over 5 years now. The toadies in the media won’t call bs on them.

  4. joe long says:

    Mr Trudeau announced travel bans to Mexico and the Caribbean. But people can still fly to and from other places. Hawaii anyone? Spain?

    Perhaps next week Mr Trudeau will add another country to the list.

    Or maybe he’ll announce doubly enhanced border security! Yeah, you’ll get two pieces of paper not one.

    Watch Mr Trudeau. His whole pandemic response is not action, but rather an endless series of press announcements.

    Now that Canada has passed 20,000 deaths will Justin emulate Cuomo and publish a book about how well he has done?

  5. Robert says:

    Warren, glad that you are speaking out. We need more people like you that at in the spotlight and have a following to hear the truth which the mainstream media does not provide.


  6. shooter mcgavin says:

    How can you call the proud boys a white supremacy group. Most of their members including their leader are people of colour? Do some research

  7. Jenny Simpson says:

    Great show. Loved the Buzzcocks song, bought it on iTunes.

  8. Martin says:

    The numbers eventually have to get through the naive fog of the brains of the groupies, I would hope? The US states at the bottom of the list of vaccines delivered per one hundred get mocked on the US news shows basically. Ignoring the territories, Idaho is the worst at 6.76. We are 2.48. This is some great data:


    Brian Lilley was talking about us being 12th, then 24th, then 28th. We are now 37th in the world and dropping.


    Fully vaccinated people, there are only 6 doing worse:

    Canada Jan 23
    France Jan 30
    Chile Jan 30
    Costa Rica Jan 25
    Mexico Jan 30
    Wales Jan 30
    Indonesia 0.01%
    Singapore 0.00%

  9. Martin says:

    One of the children on JT’s team answered a question about vaccines today during QP and she said “we will continue to deliver vaccines for Canadians”. That is reassuring. Today we dropped to 39th. Continue what exactly? Personally, my long term plan is to continue to hide out until we achieve herd immunity.

  10. faithless elector says:

    Justin tweeted that he had a pleasant conversation with Kamala Harris. She tweeted nothing about it… Because the conversation was a complete and total waste of her time.

    • Martin says:

      The O’Ree stuff in the funny papers today is utter bullshit. Harper has cred on hockey, he has none and what about the blackface. None of his media toadies brought it up.

      I had a long term friend over doing some essential service work at my house yesterday. Have been doing business with him for over 45 years. He developed HDS so bad around 2008, it actually cost him some business. Thought I would bring up the vaccine issue to see how he would respond. He thinks we are doing as well or better than the rest of the world and has full confidence that all contracts will get fulfilled. He thinks the risk of a trade war is too great if countries put export controls in place. Huh? But he also said that he doesn’t think vaccines are the solution. So I guess that will be his back up position when the inevitable happens. He was happy to change the subject though. Maybe his 2008 “principled stand” cost him too much business.

  11. Shane says:

    Japan will soon approve the Pfizer vaccine, with Astrazeneca and Moderna likely to follow. Their roll-out has been slow due to the requirement for Japan-specific trials, but now that they are getting rolling, how much does anyone here want to bet that the EU won’t prioritize Japanese deliveries ahead of Canadas? Anyone think with the Olympics on the line Japan won’t do whatever it takes, and has both the trade leverage and negotiating skill to get their deliveries ahead of Canada’s? It will be interesting to watch…


  12. Martin says:

    Question of the day:

    “Do you have that in writing?”

    JT looked shocked that someone would dare to ask the question. Took him a couple of beats to “answer” the question.

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