01.14.2021 11:03 AM

We get letters. What’s a bogtrotter?


  1. faithless elector says:

    This actually seems sarcastic.

  2. Mike Adamson says:

    A person who lives or walks in bogs.

  3. dr johnson says:

    My English brother-in-law is a fan of some of London’s more tawdry, low end drinking establishments. Having joined him occasionally on some drinking adventures, I can attest that the washrooms quite often resemble the swampy bogs of Ireland. Using your fine imagination I am sure you can deduce the meaning of ‘bogtrotter’.

  4. Tell me, what colour again is the world that he/she/it lives in?

  5. Maureen says:

    It is a rude name for an Irishman.

    • The Doctor says:

      You can certainly smell lots of peat when you walk the residential neighbourhoods of Dublin. It’s still used to heat homes there.

  6. The Doctor says:

    Ahh yes, that “truly conservative movement” that has run the largest budget deficits in American history and run the national debt up to historically record levels. That “truly conservative movement” whose followers mysteriously never say jack shit about fiscal responsibility.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      That’s because they are too busy egging on The Fed to continue transferring countless trillions to their masters, the investment and money-center banks. And only those banks are shareholders of The Fed, which is a private institution. Only the Chair and Board of Governors are federal appointees. And surprise, surprise, who managed the financial crisis in 2008 and again now? The New York Fed, a completely private institution, controlled by the large banks. Funny how none of them went to jail and even more funny how the ever increasing campaign contributions flow like Niagara Falls straight down the pike to Congress. Bought and paid for.

    • robert duckham says:

      They Do Doctor it’s when the Democrats are doing the budgets.

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