, 02.28.2021 01:03 PM

KINSELLACAST 148: Lilley, Adler, Mraz – O’Toole won’t be PM, Trudeau doesn’t have enough vaccines!


  1. Martin says:

    Kenny Hoopla track really good. Think I will stick it on my private playlist though. Not to be pulled for cottage family dinners.

  2. Douglas W says:

    If it WERE possible to replace O’Toole with someone else at a moment’s notice, who would his replacement be?

    Pierre Paul-Hus?
    Michelle Rempel Garner?
    Leslyn Lewis?
    Someone else?

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Your contributors need to get real: Trudeau will never go for a vote unless at least a plurality of polls show them reasonably in comfortable majority territory. Léger has them ahead 7, the other companies between 1 & 3.

    With that said, Trudeau has shown himself to be an absolute farce in his job and more recently, a cruel joke for his total incompetence on the vaccine file.

    So, Canadians have a stark choice: not vote Liberal because of needless and likely preventable COVID-19 deaths or not vote Conservative because O’Toole stupidly made a toilet video. Which one would you pick?

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