02.03.2021 07:20 AM

Sunny ways


  1. Douglas W says:

    When the history of the Justin Trudeau era is written … it will be duly noted that JT became PM with no life experience.

    And, as such, this was reflected as he attempted to act the job of Prime Minister, and miserably failed.

    • Steve T says:

      Bingo. Remember those Conservative ads, which said Trudeau wasn’t ready? And how they were mocked by many? Guess they were right after all.

    • Douglas,

      Seemingly, this PM has no second act in the wings. Too bad that.

      • Douglas W says:

        Mark Carney, throwing hard in the bullpen.

      • faithless elector says:

        Only the jokers remained in cabinet after Lavscam. None of them should even be given a second look when the Leadership convention gets going.

        • FE,

          Too many politicians put pension access as their top priority with an ongoing federal government banking relationship with them a close second. As long as the moolah comes in steadily, most are prepared to temporarily suspend their closest principles and ethics that is, unless they suddenly decide not to run again. In other words, politicians acting like typical politicians, regardless of party.

  2. joe long says:

    When the Liberals write the history or the Trudeau era it will state how brilliantly Justin Trudeau handled all problems that came his way.

    Any other version will be met with accusations of misinformation, disinformation, and possibly conviction for anti-Leader agitation.

    Farfetched? The Soviets did it, the Cubans (admired by Trudeau) do it, the Chinese Communist Party (I admire their basic dictatorship) do it today.

    • Joe,

      In western democracies, the proof is always in the historical pudding. In this Prime Minister’s case, historians will be surprisingly unkind — at least in his own estimation. He’s our own James Buchanan. That says it all.

  3. Nick M. says:

    I remember doing a Master of Engineering course regarding non-linear modelling. The Non-linear models can work amazingly well, as long as all the variables fit within certain limits.

    When a variable, of the many variables fall outside of the limits, a total collapse occurs, and it is futile now to control the scenario.

    I’d always use the 2008 financial crisis of an example of when Wall Street’s non-linear trading models fell apart spectacularly once the process variables were outside the prescribed limits.

    This is now what has happen with Team Trudeau and its messaging team. Which has worked very well and changing the channel, or blaming the provinces, etc.
    But when the Vaccine crisis is so bad, the messaging of blaming provinces and changing the channel is now futile. It is time to focus on things they can control, don’t care about the message, the narrative… you have lost that.

    Start to only care about delivering the goods.

  4. Shane says:

    Another example of competency at it’s finest. 3-day mandatory hotels stay enforced with security guards, threatened with $1mil in fines or 3yrs in jail for failure to comply with the 14-day home quarantine. Rapidly rolled out to distract from the vaccine mess, and look tough on stopping the spread of Covid.

    Sent home on public transit by health officials after the 3-day hotel stay.


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