, 04.29.2021 03:01 PM

My latest Sun Media hit: Joe vs. Justin


  1. Peter Williams says:

    Is this video “consistent with the (Trudeau) Government’s vision”?


    How long before Team Trudeau ( supported by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP) uses bill C-10 to shut down criticism of Trudeau?

    • Phil Brunet says:

      Goody, someone mentioned Bill C-10. Let’s go.

      Justin Jughashvili Jr. has always wanted to be Numero Uno. A totally bat-droppings absentee mother and a distant dad* will do that to a wee lad, ya know. Acting out for attention ever since, The Chosen One has tried to evince to his bemused audience what a jolly old high-spirited scrapper he is, what with all the ridiculous boxing bullshit, but our Rt. Hon. Head Case really let it slip the good old Freudian way with that admiring the chi-com basic dictatorship thing. The I-heart-terrorists attitude kind of spells it out too, eh.

      A nation of Liberal-voting, zero-info dimwits and cretins has given this apodictically unaccomplished small-beer slug the very appointment wannabe Caesars throughout history have drooled over: Actual Certified Official Leader of the Nation, F.F.S. And of a country that is frankly more tight-arsed wussy than “democratic”, and plenty more corrupt than anyone will admit to.

      Of course Himself has long wanted to apotheose into some kind of prime-time autarch. He’s just not very good at it, because he’s lousy at anything that does not involve somebody else gawking at him and projecting.

      Now. A Great Thinker of my acquaintance suspects discarding this Laurentian kulak will eventuate, though with noisome sentiments a-plenty.
      *Emotionally distant, i.e. Pierre, or mucho Air Miles distant, as was El Jefe.

  2. Martin says:

    Still no extension from the tall foreheads at the CRA. Things are way worse this year than last so does that mean they made a mistake this year or did they make one last year when they gave the extension. It is one or the other. Inquiring minds would like to know. Has to be one or the other. Quebec gave an extension. The US did too and they are in better shape. Anyone? And the CRA crashed yesterday. Totally indefensible. But a defense from the usual suspects would be entertaining.


    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      They set the national treasury on fire and now they are beyond desperate for every red cent they can somehow lay their hands on. End of story.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Potential COVID vaccine maker to pull out of Canada


    This one’s on Justin.

    Oops, the above could run afoul of C-10 legislation, so let me amend it. “It’s all Harper’s fault”

  4. Pedant says:

    Warren can I humbly request that you write a piece on Bill C10? Really interested to read your view on the matter.

    I am extremely concerned about the erosion of Canadians’ rights. The Liberals are now accusing anyone who opposes C10 of being an extremist! When this will dystopian nightmare of a government end?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You know, when you come to publicly admire a nation’s basic dictatorship, it’s only a matter of time before you quite deliberately decide to emulate it. And voilà.

      So, let them have at it as they finally strike a glancing blow that will mushroom against them in time. If all of the opposition parties play this right tactically, it will quite literally morph into the final nail in this disagreeable government’s coffin. No government deserves defeat more than the Trudeau enablers and sycophants. Even a serial Harper opponent such as yours truly has come to miss his competence in office. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

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