04.07.2021 10:00 AM

Stay away from Canada

The Americans issue the highest-level warning about us. What a clown show is the Trudeau government.

What a disgrace.


  1. Scot is going to need a gas-lit-warehouse of pig-lipstick to massage-message this one, in the interests of his favourite party! LOL. But, by all means, have at it.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      If you’re right, you’ll have a good election night. If I’m right, I’ll have a great election night.

  2. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    Tomorrow the Liberal Party will continue to pretend this is all normal and begin a policy convention to debate whether or not they should build a high speed railway between Maryam Monsef’s ears.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Here is some interesting data:

    COVID cases in Canada = 6520 (April 6). Pop = 37.6 million

    COVID cases in USA = 62004 (April 6). Pop = 331 million
    But Biden has vaccinated so many!

    COVID cases in New York State = 6106 (April 6). Pop = 19.5 million. But Andrew Cuomo is handling the pandemic so well he wrote a book about it and got an Emmy!

    Look at the data? We used to do that. Now it’s Winston Smith time – alter the news reports to fit the ideology of the ruling elites.

    • Martin says:

      Are you bragging or complaining? You think that it is now a talking point because we are doing slightly better on cases on April 6th than a country that the press has basically mocked throughout the whole pandemic? And only Cuomo’s USAnian groupies including those in the press thought he was doing a good job. No one else did.

      • Peter Williams says:

        Biden’s government complaining about Canada, when their numbers were/are worse than ours, in spite of the fact that they’ve vaccinated so many people?

        We can find enough fault with Trudeau’s handling of COVID, from his people initially saying it’s not a threat to Canada, to bragging about SECURING what was it 300 million doses, when in fact it was options to purchase vaccines IF THEY WERE AVAILABLE.

        We don’t need to quote the US government’s criticism of Canada, when their numbers are worse than ours.

        Looking at the actual data? Not in today’s age.

      • Peter Williams says:


        “You cons”?

        Suggest you don’t make faulty assumptions.

      • Martin says:

        Please read what I said before jumping in. New York is a state, fyi, not a country.

        • Martin says:

          Tell that to Jane Stewart. Was at her nomination meeting and voted for her. Back when adults were running the party instead of a bunch of cultish groupies. And would have picked Mulcair as my second choice all day long in 2015. It was patently obvious what we were getting into. Nice try though!

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          In politics you have to be overly careful not to paint a door trim with a roller. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Gilbert says:

    I completely agree. It’s a disgrace.

  5. Steve Teller says:

    You know from my prior posts that I agree Trudeau & Co. have totally f*d up their pandemic response, and in particular the vaccine procurement.

    However, if you go to the CDC website, there are many many countries in the same Level 4 category, including Denmark, France, Germany, the UK, and dozens of others. So this particular warning does not seem to call out Canada in a notable way. I actually wish it did, because of the reasons noted above.

  6. Derek Pearce says:

    The vaccine procurement has been an unforgivable mess. But several of the Premiers have been complete fucking idiots by ending lockdowns and opening schools waaaaayyy too early and going back to them waaay too late. Plenty of blame to go around.

    • The Doctor says:

      just my gut, but I think the restaurant/bar thing has been handled very badly. Just based on what I’ve seen in my hood — 20/20 hindsight of course, but we probably never should have allowed indoor dining or drinking. It imbued too many people with a false sense of security and entitlement. And I say that as someone who loves to eat and drink in restaurants and bars.

      Also, the variants — because the early incarnation wasn’t as transmissible, that too imbued people with a false sense of security when the more transmissible variants showed up.

  7. Glen says:

    This country is going to suffer many ways, for many years after the cult of Trudeau has moved on.

    And I don’t use the word Cult lightly here, because that’s what it is. People that should have more common sense are tossing it aside to follow him.

    On top of everything else I just watch how he gets in peoples personal spaces & stares at them, that’s some pretty cultish shit right there.

    • Scot,

      You sure come off like a well balanced, middle of the road, normal everyday person, thanks to your contribution posted above. Right, whatever you say.

      Ever think much about buying The Brooklyn Bridge?

      • Warren says:

        Comment on the issues, not each other. Last warning.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Actually, it’s my old party 2003-2010. Liberals: 2010-2020.

        Elections generally don’t get decided by polls. Individual guts orient voting patterns. What Zacc did in 2005 was gut wrenching, with support for the CPC going up. Ditto in 2015: Harper lost because he had quite deliberately gone gonzo-right during the majority. Again, gut wrenching for Canadians. 2021: the COVID-19 incompetence is more of the same as Canadian lives were needlessly lost because of a procurement failure. Imagine a Prime Minister who is stupid enough to make a deal with China while Meng is going through the extradition process, the Two Michaels are literally dying one day at a time in jail, in horrible conditions and this genius of a PM is actually hopelessly naive and foolish enough to think that China would honour her vaccine commitments? That says it all, Scott. Says it all. Trudeau learned absolutely nothing in the job since 2015 and it shows. It’s way beyond painful for COVID-19 victims, their families and everyday Canadians. Incompetence is the exception in the PM job but Trudeau has pulled that one off spectacularly.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        You know Scott, Liberals should have followed me and supported Garneau. I saw the mess coming. Most Liberals evidently did not…

    • The Doctor says:

      Are you saying that everyone who’s not a fan of Trudeau is religious, a white supremacist, an anti-vaxxer and climate denier? Seriously?

      • The Doctor says:

        I feel no obligation to respond to everything that everyone else posts on here.

        But for the record, I think the Trump cult is far more intense and fucked up than any political cult of personality we have seen in Canada or the US in my lifetime. It’s no contest. The hard-core Trump supporters are totally policy agnostic. They couldn’t give a fuck about policy. I first began to realize this when Trump totally failed to repeal and replace Obamacare (which he vigorously campaigned to do), and it did not lose him a single supporter. Same thing with Mexico paying for the wall, infrastructure week, etc. All his supporters care about is performative culture war shit. The fact that the Republican Party officially did not present a platform for their in 2020 says it all.

        Lots of people swoon over Trudeau, but there’s no comparison to that sad, sick shitshow down south.

    • Gloriousus et Liber says:

      Liberals are “middle of the road”? Hint: there are no centrist parties in Canada. We have right, left (crony-capitalist), and far-left. They used to curry to the middle but increasingly pander to their base. I wish there were a party of the “radical centre”.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Liberals are neither. They are whatever it takes to form government. Nothing more. It’s all and only about power and keeping it, at any cost. The Martinites started it and Trudeau is no different.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        Your bang on, Scot. Trudeau DOES, DOES, DOES, GENUINELY CARE about holding on to that job. Nothing else matters in his personal universe.

        And if I may close with a Kinsellaism: Elections Matter. See ya on election night.

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