05.05.2021 02:39 PM

My latest: the twisted cedar!


So, this is taken up at the very remote spot I’m buying.

And this is exactly what I saw: a moss-covered cedar twisted just like this, like something you’d get at a bakery. I fell in love with it.

It’s different than my other stuff, I know, but here it is.


  1. david ray says:

    Now this one I really like. Vibrant colors. Spirit lifter.

  2. david ray says:

    I don’t know how remote the place you’re buying is but this Canadian did the same thing over the last few years and is a joy to follow and so do his almost 2 million subscribers.

    Of course his dog CALI is the real star but I have learned so much watching his videos.

    Looks like you are both about the same age so if you’re planning on doing what he’s doing he’d be worth following.

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