06.09.2021 08:02 AM

The hypocrites


  1. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    They are opposed to bigotry that isn’t popular this week.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    Hypocrites? Better get used to it. More is coming.

    For example; Warren Kinsella tweeted about Marc Garneau blocking an accredited journalist, calling it extraordinary.


    After C10 passes, journalists reporting unfavourable articles (or mentioning hypocrisy) will be blocked, censored, or otherwise taken off the air.

    The ‘open and transparent’ government of Team Trudeau has no clothes… some literally.

    And as for rights, in the new world you too will have to love big brother (or however the gropenfuhrer is self identifying).

  3. Martin says:

    Trudeau actually sounds like the northern politicians pre civil war who defended slavery as a states right issues. Against it but none of their business. Someone needs to explain to me, slowly, the difference. Lincoln, he is not.

  4. Peter Williams says:

    Meanwhile the RCMP under Trudeau broke the law using facial recognition software.


    Justin Trudeau: protecting your rights? You’ll have none under Trudeau. Bill C10 is just a start.

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