, 07.11.2021 10:40 AM

KINSELLACAST 167: Election cometh and Trudeau phoniness – with Adler, Mraz & Power Pop


  1. Grant Carlson says:

    I remember his eulogy for his father. I had the same thoughts and am not surprised it was written for him.

  2. Christopher Vandersteen says:


    Where are we crowdsourcing to improve your audio? This brought back memories of my parents’ old Grundig solid-state.

    Love Chris

  3. Douglas W says:

    How do you stop Trudeau?

    With images — lots of images.

    That shows he’s not genuine.

    • Douglas,

      Apparently, human physiology instructs that human beings are born with something called the cerebrum. When used properly, it quickly dispatches politically all phoneys, hypocrites and incompetents. Or so I’ve been told.

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