08.31.2021 08:57 AM

I’ve seen this movie before


  1. Mainstreet: Conservatives +8

    Léger: Conservatives +4

    Nanos: Tie

    Research: Liberals +1

  2. Doug says:

    “This election is about values”

  3. Sean says:

    This is the most important election since Canada had to suddenly evacuate thousands of citizens and allies from a war zone whilst fighting a global pandemic at the same time as fighting unprecedented forest fires while failing to solve a drinking water crisis on indigenous reserves. Thankfully the question of whether or not a few dozen back benchers will get their ludicrous pensions will be resolved.

  4. The Doctor says:

    Tristin Hopper of Postmedia has a piece about this today – very true that unhinged nutbars have been harassing politicians and disrupting campaign events ever since there have been politicians and campaigns. Once again Liberals desperately in search of an issue or narrative that will gain traction. And note how O’Toole disarmed them by condemning the protestors.

    • Doc,

      O’Toole needs to repeat this denunciation each and every day of the campaign. And as they get more bold and unruly, he needs to up his rhetoric against those bozos. Narcissists and sociopaths…

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