, 08.22.2021 11:03 AM

KINSELLACAST 173: Election week one with Adler, Lilley, Mraz – and Violent Femmes, Alias, Death Valley Girls, Parquet Courts


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Mainstreet: Liberals +3

  2. Robin says:

    why could Trudeau lose this election? because it’s not 2015

  3. Robin says:

    why did Trudeau call the election? He should own it and proclaim it is because he wants to “impose a high tax, high spend, high deficit, green-obsessed, authoritarian left-wing course correction that flies in the face of practically all of Canadian history”

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Himself just finished speaking in Miramichi, NB. The crowd was separated over an area and sparse looking. As he spoke, only his suckup candidates were applauding occasionally. It was almost like being in a morgue. It was low energy with a fatalistic look to it. And that’s in the Maritimes!

    They had better start fucking panicking. It’s real bad and the optics without sound were crushingly horrible.

  5. John Martin says:

    The Harper Conservatives were good at campaigning until 2015 when they didn’t seem to care anymore. I’ve never understood the Trudeau is good at campaigning thing other then the typical fear thing Liberals do but this time so far they don’t seem to care either.

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