09.30.2021 08:54 PM

He is just beneath contempt.

On this day, of all days. Even for him, this is just so disgusting.


  1. Peter Williams says:

    Justin’s prime constituencies are Quebec and Toronto, does anything else, or anyone else, really matter?

  2. Nick M. says:

    Seems clear that this past campaign was to be his last.

    For someone whose spent more energy on optics than policy in the previous 6 years, to suddenly not care about your own image is a tell.

  3. Sean says:

    It would be really offensive if a portrait of this walking bag of filth were allowed to be hung in the hallways of Parliament after his disgraced tenure is finally put out of its misery.

  4. Sean says:

    caption: “Sophie saves the environment by dragging some toxic trash off the beach.”

  5. Full Retired Rambo says:

    narwhal counting posting begins in…..

  6. Peter Williams says:

    “He wasn’t on a beach.”


    Now the prime minister’s staff have taken up lying…just like their boss.

  7. Robert White says:

    Don’t forget that we are all in this together as we collective pay this prime ministerial embarrassment sock puppet $368,000.00 CDN per year, and we collectively pay for the brand new top-of-the-line jets maintained with Canada’s top technicians so that sock puppet-BOY
    can escape his own rhetoric on national holidays with a stroll on the beach in the warm sun whilst us Eastern bums pay the frieght in inclement weather.

    • Robert,

      How did it go again? They said: “Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark.” And we are except for himself, of course.

      • Robert White says:

        Totally agree, Ronald.

        The last time I had a real holiday was 1969 during the Moon Landing where we watched from Balsam Lake north of Toronto on a black & white rental TV at our century old cottage rental.

        I personally resent our minority Liberal Government leader not making an appropriate appearance at any of the First Nations reserves on this federal holiday. His priorities are very clear to all now, and I should have listen to Warren screaming from the rooftops much sooner than I did on this latest writ drop.

        Serving Canadians is top priority if one is making the cash that Trudeau is making. I don’t care how tired he is given that he is younger than myself. The honeymoon is over, and I expect Trudeau to actually work for a living now that he just wasted our time and $610 million CDN plus the costs of his Tofino juant on a federal jet.

        And I’ve never evidenced someone in leadership as tone deaf as Trudeau obviously is.

        Aristocrats are bad, but Justin takes the cake IMHO.


  8. Douglas W says:

    He loves the job title.

    Zero interest in doing the job.

  9. You mean this PMO L-I-E-S!??

    I’m shocked, shocked to find that lying is going on in here!

  10. Campbell says:

    Or, just maybe, the PMO staff in charge of changing the location on the daily itinerary made a very poorly timed mistake. Don’t know why we’re all discounting that possibility.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yeah, right. That’s it.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        In short, he KNEW what day it was and he KNEW where he was — which was precisely not where he should have been on such a tragic and solemn day. That’s the point.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:

          That oaf has seriously undermined the very holiday that he himself created. That guy is way beyond clueless.

          • Pipes says:

            I being the dumbest virus in the lab, think this is all wrong and off to a bad bad start. To call a day set aside for Truth and Reconciliation a ” federal statutory holiday”, undermines the fact that it is a Day of National Shame. Calling it a ‘holiday’ is such a poor choice of words in the wake of hundreds of dead children. When I am King, there will be changes!

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            You are so right. I apologize for personally using that term.

        • Campbell says:

          I was responding to the accusation of lying, not excusing the decision to not participate in a public event on the 30th.

  11. Washington Irving says:

    Over 66% of Canadians voted for the left of centre parties, led, more or less, by Justin Trudeau. That is an incredible plurality of the population that is pleased with his performance as PM.

    You can try to spin the numbers. God knows I wish you could come up with something. At the end of the day though, we need to accept the fact that Justin is the leader Canadians want & deserve. Canadians have chose malevolence, ignorance, and deceit as the core attributes of a modern leader.

    Our job is to understand “why?”.

    Over the course of my long life I have come to understand that there exists two fundamental types of people drawn to power.

    The first are those who view the act of leading as a sacred responsibility, with the emphasis on personal sacrifice. A sense of obligation, of repayment of the debt they owe to the community, drive these leaders to subsume their personal identity & welfare for the good of the group.

    Our military officers are selected for these traits from the first day of basic officer candidate school. Junior officers must desire to run forward, alone, towards the enemy, trusting that their sacrifice will inspire the troops to follow. And since it is the troops have the assault rifles, and the officer merely a pistol, there is only one outcome for the young officer who fails to inspire through sacrifice.

    It is not just in combat that we find leaders driven but a sense of obligation to their group identity. We find this noble and awe inspiring trait in people from every corner of our society.

    I have noted countless times that identifying a “noble leader” from the colour of their skin, gender identity, personality traits such as extraversion, education, or any other simplistic measure, is a fool’s game. Although all leaders share extraordinary intelligence, they are no more likely to be born into our ruling “Laurentian Elites”, than they are to the single mother who toils at Tim Hortons late into the night.

    The other type of leader, lets just called them malevolent narcissists, somehow, against all common sense, are also highly successful. Indeed, for much of human history, it seems safe to say the vast, vast majority of humans have found themselves living in a society dominated by these leaders. In a way, it is natural for people like Trump, or indeed Trudeau, to rise to the ultimate positions of power. Their leadership style, driven as it is by selfishness and egomania, seems, to many people, the natural course of things, it is bred in their bones.

    So are we doomed to another Trudeau, another Trump? In short, yes, definitely. They will rise like the morning sun, over and over, and over again. Our job is to understand, to educate, to support.

    Institutional structures that Transend the temporal, our legal systems, our parliaments, our community organizations, our churches. All offer an open door to the noble leader, and a barrier to the Trumps & Trudeaus.

    We live in a era when these institutions are under sustained attack. The assaults are driven by the masses of the mob, set loose from their community identities by a generation of failed attempts at social justice reform.

    Now, more than at any other time, we find the forces arrayed against our hope for a better future to be truly staggering. Trudeau, in this sense is a mere avatar, a trivial shadow cast by a much, much greater peril.

    We can no longer even rely on words, just as Orwell predicted. Social justice is now a blunt instrument weapon wielded by foolish lost souls, driven mad by a nihilism they cannot understand. Diversity is exclusion, Equity is inequality, racists are everyone, except of course, the accusers.

    Unless and until we can prepare our table through institutional reform, through compassion and forgiveness, through an offering of hope, we cannot expect the 66% of our population who voted left wing to accept an invitation to join us in renewal of our shared identity, and we will all continue to suffer the fool named Justin.

  12. Walter says:

    As bad of a PM that Trudeau is – his is a much worse person.
    Remember “thank you for your donation”. But there was “chiefs who say youth need communities centres don’t know what they are talking about”.
    The only ones worse than Trudeau are the 50%+ of GTA residents who voted for him.

    It was nicely said, “the problem with Canada is not that we have an immoral narcist as PM, it’s that we have a sizeable percentage of the population that think such a person would make a good leader.”

  13. Well, you can’t say we weren’t warned. This is what Canada wanted, apparently. They have had three good looks at this guy.

  14. Gilbert says:

    I’m not surprised. He doesn’t even pretend to care.

  15. Derek Pearce says:

    Ugh. He’s just a POS. He has to go.

    • J.Ph. Brunet says:

      He’s had the jab, if that wasn’t faked. Could be the next ADE candidate, as might eventually everyone who trusted Pfizer.

      • J.Ph. Brunet says:

        Or he’ll be gone soon enough thanks to the massive global vaccine lobbying scandal that could be about to break.
        Oh you haven’t heard. Turns out Big Pharma may have paid lobbyists millions to influence Australia’s leaders to impose vaccine mandates.
        What am I bid the same hasn’t been going on here? Multinationals bribing our corrupt politicians to attack our constitutional rights and basic freedoms in pursuit of billions in corporate profits?
        D’ya think? Sure, and the Liberals are bribing the entire Canadian media industry to plug their talking points. As if. Nothing on CBC–that settles it. Don’t follow the money. Nothing to see here, folks. Move right along.

  16. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Well, all I can say in reply to the above comments is that next Tuesday will be important: caucus needs to be of one mind and so must the leader. Then the right decision can be taken, one that sooner rather than later will mean the final reckoning for this government.

    Sink ’em soon and sink ’em relatively fast. That means a very short leash for this government and take them out in the House of Commons at the right time. Then Canadians will finally get the deserved fundamental change that this country so desperately needs.

    • PJH says:

      Sink this gov’t quickly and the full wrath will be felt by Opposition parties by the electorate, who have no stomach for another election so quickly after the last….I’d rather have our party have some say in the governance of the country, than languishing in Opposition with no say whatsoever…..

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        True but everything is relative. My personal preference is to sink them between 12 and 18 months but we have to show legitimate cause and the country must be by that time moving with us. Hence the enphasis on at least regular internal polling.

  17. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Here’s my advice after Tofino: poll regularly going forward. My prediction: Trudeau’s party’s numbers just took a massive self-inflicted hit. Work with that and persuade the country to come to our side. Himself just dropped the bottom out of his spanking new government while it wasn’t even cold yet. Want to correctly describe his caucus? In four words: in a seathing R-A-G-E.

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Byrne’s argument in The Star is if we keep O’Toole, he’ll further fracture the coalition in the party. Respectfully, nope. Erin made mistakes and all of us know what the big two were. That idiot who was just returned as prime minister has finally and irretrivably shown himself to be wearing no clothes — it’s our job to take full advantage of that and do it now: build momentum and work it straight to the next election as the only possible responsible alternative and we can’t do that if we’re preoccupied by bitching and complaining internally. That would only play into Trudeau’s hands and give him a second wind after he himself just put himself and his party on the ropes. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Put another way: I’m not for deliberately blowing another opportunity to take an opportunity that just fell, by the grace of God straight into our lap. Moving toward a leadership race precisely does that.

    • Andy Kaut says:

      He has taken two losses and painted them as wins. He loses support, he’s lost the popular vote, and yet insists that he’s doing everything right and Harper sucks.

      He’s the guy we deserve, as noted above.

  19. Peter Williams says:

    And today Trudeau issued his what; 478th apology?

    He has so many lies, so many apologies.

    And then he’ll say ‘let this be a lesson for us all!’ The lesson is you can lie with impunity?

  20. Westguy says:

    All those foreseeing doom and gloom for the Liberals haven’t been paying attention. Look at all the controversies over the past 6 years. Wearing blackface ONCE used to be a career-killer. Not if you’re a Liberal, it seems.
    Trudeau will apologize, probably shed a tear while doing it. Supporters will then declare “See he apologized, it’s over, nothing more to see here” and it will be forgotten like all the others.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Seriously doubt The First Nations will forget it. And where is himself’s announcement that he’ll not appeal the FCOC’s decision on FN education? Tick tock, tick tock.

      • Wayne says:

        He can just tell them “Your asking for more than the government can give.” Then he can throw more money at the MSM for positive press (as approved from the PMO). Its worked for him so far.

  21. Floyd Low says:

    The Corn Sedatives have to capture the cities – the only metric that means anything. Youtube MPs railing against JT are extravagantly wasting their time. A low level persistent presence is needed that micro targets and embraces every voting block from the 905, 450 to the 902 from now to the next trip to the polls. That includes the geniuses who didn’t vote. Read George Orwell backwards to determine the fate of the paid off media. Onward Comrades!

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