09.01.2021 07:11 AM

The groper-in-chief must be defeated. He must.


  1. Douglas W says:

    For the good of the party, and for the good of the country, the Libs need to be taken to the wood shed.

  2. Phil in London says:

    Agree, agree, agree, agree, agree and agree

    Now can someone please explain

    1) why women and in particular women of colour continue to stand as candidates with a “team trudeau” logo on their signs? Feminism cannot be synonymous with stupidity so I give up on the reasoning. Just simply the failure to condemn the “our brothers the taliban” insults would be enough to condemn any other leader of any other party.

    2) why other people of colour and native people stand similarly as members of the same cult? JWR, clean water failures, fighting native claims in court, black and brown face costuming, double standards on the definition of sexual harassment, incompetent ministers who are failing their jobs and double standards on tolerance of racism of candidates, the list doesn’t just go on, it does not ever end.

    3) why women voters continue to make up the biggest supporters of prime minister scumbag?

    It just appalls me that we are even having a conversation about the conservatives and dipper suspicions hell even the bloc, when this lying huckster continues to hold a third of the country in his grasp. The literally means that if you are in a group of three people, one of you must be into submissive and self demeaning behaviour of unspeakable proportions.

    Please don’t give me any shit about voting for the local candidate unless you are a blood relative who knows them and can list instances where they have condemned the party stance on any issue.

    It amazes me that people in our great nation can wonder how stupid Americans could be to vote for Trump when in fact we have more choices than simply one other candidate in our ballots. This country is 1/3 hypocrite if they cannot look at any other option than this incredibly lucky piece of semen.

    With the notable exception of the bernier cult there is not a leader in this election that doesn’t demand better respect than this narcissist dictator wannabe.

    As Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation once said “where’s the Tylenol?”

  3. A. Voter says:

    There’s a scene in “Braveheart” where a young Scottish couple gets married. An English lord rides down to the wedding and takes the bride, saying it’s his right. It’s like that in the Trudeau Liberal party, women are the property of the men in power. The Kitchener candidate has to be made a big issue.

  4. Sean says:

    Justin Trudeau should be excluded from participating in the debates.

  5. Phil in London says:

    I don’t give a damn who you voted for in the past or who you vote for in a post trudeau Canada but;

    If you have mainstream religious beliefs with compassion for others but vote liberal in 2021 you may want to revisit your plans for eternity because you ain’t practicing what you preach.

    If you try to live your life with integrity but vote liberal in 2021 you need to check your integrity meter because that light will be flashing.

    If you support minority rights, electoral reform, or aboriginal rights, and you are voting liberal in 2021 your support for these causes is paper thin.

    If you are worried about the environment and vote liberal in 2021 you are uneducated or gullible or you don’t really believe in climate change cause these bums will not get it done.

    If you are a feminist and vote or run for the liberals in 2021 you are in fact a liar if male and a classic co-dependent if female.

    There are a host of candidates that are independent, red tories, blue tories, socialist dippers, social and environmental warriors, communists, spiritual and even protest candidates, one of them has to have more appeal then the local liberal sleeze bag who is promoting themselves for the sake of a good pension plan.

    If you support the suppression of individuals and groups and believe in dictatorial regimes that care nothing of the people they rule, or if you wish to line up for you share of corrupt booty, and you vote for any party other than the liberals in 2021 your heart and mind are perfectly aligned.

    I say that because I can’t believe anyone that stupid could cross the precipice of buying into the PPC

  6. Peter Williams says:

    Canadians have a chance to tell the Liberals that groping is unacceptable. Vote them all out. Otherwise expect Liberals to continue their groping behaviour.

  7. Gary says:

    I wonder when Trudeau’s moment will come. There’s a lot of rumors about him in Ottawa – for years.

  8. Campbell says:

    Trudeau’s minions, perhaps, seek to cover up – but I note this isn’t an accusation of Trudeau himself. And surely you of all people can understand employees of a politician making potentially questionable decisions in the aim of serving their boss, who you need to protect from the information. And maybe these minions made some bad decisions, but I do appreciate you not accusing Trudeau himself here.

    After all, you yourself had this to say about Trudeau’s likely reaction to the Kent Hehr situation (which ultimately ended up in Hehr resigning from cabinet, and 4 months later being confirmed to be not returning to cabinet, losing his seat in 2019, only to have one of his accusers publicly exposed as a liar – by our kind host WK! – thus being guilty of having taken action against the one person who deserved more benefit or the doubt while validating the cautious approach that he stands condemned here for having used in other cases);

    “Q: How is Justin Trudeau handing this fallout?

    A: He has got to be pretty unhappy. This is his second cabinet minister who has been lost to inappropriate behaviour-type scandal. He’s lost two MPs to that. He’s lost a senior member of his staff.

    I’ve known him for a long time, it’s not why he came into office. That’s the kind of stuff he wanted to get rid of, so I would imagine he’s pretty ticked off.”


    So, I guess what I’m saying is, you are contradicting your previous position with regard to the insinuation that Trudeau doesn’t care about thinks like this.

    And your demand for concrete action is precisely the sort of thing that led to your pensive post in 2020:


    So I guess I’m a little frustrated with this post, because it doesn’t feel authentic or fair.

    • Peter Williams says:

      “The Taliban are our brothers” sums up Team Trudeau’s attitude to women.

    • Phil in London says:

      Maybe what happened is Warren snuck a peak and realized this boy emperor had no clothes?

      Your link to a 2018 article is dated 6 months before the Kokanee grope scandal broke. Maybe like a lot of people WK didn’t know that the boy leader was a butt grabber at the time?

      The answer about why this should be authentic and fair? Well I suggest it’s because it’s 2021. Unlike the cult leader I won’t smirk and leave it there.

      Since 2018 these all break – black face, brown face, Kokanee, military scandal, JWR shuffled out of cabinet, the SNC scandal that lead to her demotion, Jane Philpott, “thank you for your donation”, We, Celina Caesare-Chavannes, which of these was the leader being fair? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t last week that our writer here recognized trudeau was not authentic.

      Before the 2018 article we had his very first conviction of ethics violations, we had elbow gate where he himself admitted he didn’t react very well under immense pressure. Now we have the vanity election call which was likely only delayed because he had to fix his horrendous mistake appointing a narcissist of similar caliber to GG.

      So I ask you Campbell, where is your authentic and fair defence of the grouper-in-chief? Do we need to wait until he organizes an insurrection on the capital before you can accept he was a horrendous replacement for guys like Laurier, King, St Laurent, Pearson, Trudeau the elder, and Chrétien?

      Please doff the rose coloured glasses and take a quick peak you will see the truth emperor trudeau has no clothes.

      If you can’t see the problem is not others but in fact trudeau 2.0 himself, you need to check in for some cult reversal therapy. I wish you well coming through it. It’s been tough on a lot of us to abandon the team liberal.

      • Robert White says:

        Excellent rejoinder.



      • Campbell says:

        Phil, that’s a lot of words to use to deflect from the point I was making about the subject at hand, towards a number of perhaps legitimate issues you have with Trudeau that aren’t raised in the post Warren made that I was criticizing. You mentioned a lot of different things that Trudeau did there, but none of them were the subject of Warren’s original comment, nor my response to it.

        • Phil in London says:

          Actually the credibility of the leader is the point of my post and Warren’s original post.

          Do we dismiss everything? I’ll boil it down for you the dude is a groomer himself and refuses to take sexual harassment seriously let alone deal with it.

          Sad that after all I did write you can still point to a mysterious redeeming quality in trudeau. So please for my slow moving lips what the hell does he get points for here?

    • Shane says:

      Of telling note in your comments:

      “He has got to be pretty unhappy. This is his second cabinet minister who has been lost to inappropriate behaviour-type scandal. He’s lost two MPs to that. He’s lost a senior member of his staff.”

      Concerned over the political fallout. Nowhere is he or has he been concerned for the women involved or sought to find the truth in the open manner he claimed he would when elected in 2015.

      Jody Wilson-Raybould summed it up best IMO:

      “Anyone who has a responsibility to address this and does not is not fit to lead. Anyone who stands by and does nothing is complicit. Anyone who is surprised has not been paying attention.”

      So Campbell, perhaps time you started paying attention?

  9. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    From The New York Post:

    The World Health Organization said it is monitoring another new COVID-19 variant with mutations that the agency fears could make it resistant to vaccines.

    The Mu variant, also known as B.1.621, was added as a “variant of interest” to the organization’s watch list Monday.

    “The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape,” the bulletin said.

    Preliminary data indicated that it may evade vaccines in a way similar to the Beta variant, but experts said more research on the strain is necessary.

    Since first emerging in Colombia in January 2021, the Mu variant has popped up in at least 39 countries.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Up until now I thought it was hyperbole when I would tell people that COVID-19 could be the beginning of the end of the world. Now?

  10. Phil in London says:

    Gropenfuhrer is actually tweeting a text number (613) 777-2039, he wants to hear from you with ideas. I can’t type even half a sentence without suggesting he go fuck himself.

    The petulant bastard would likely pressure revenue to audit me.

  11. Obvious Sock Puppet #12 says:

    @ Gary: The Moment will come, when some smart reporter or other on live TV (so he can’t hide) asks him point blank and with bulldog-like insistence, about the roughly fifteen to thirty or so Non-discolsure agreements (“NDAs”) he has had arranged on his behalf by a certain Toronto law firm that does not have the word “Grit” in its corporate name, with various women whom he had adulterous affairs with.

    Then its over.

    IANAL, and never have been, so solicitor-client ain’t being breached here. Information wants to be free, is all. Smug lawyers say things in bars within earshot of people who tell other people, and who in turn tell other people, then other people. Who eventually tell other people, who read Warren’s blog.

    And, once that moment comes, he is not just toast, he’s the little charcoal bits you clean out of the bottom of your toaster ever six months or so.

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