11.04.2021 06:41 AM

Covid wins again


  1. Sean says:

    Ridiculous. I work with people who got the shot because they faced termination if they didn’t. At least they did the right thing. How is this going to make them feel?!

    Expect a reversal on this in the next few days.

  2. Doug says:

    Why is this surprising? Government will never take on public sector unions. The public sector should not be allowed to unionized. They enjoy too many bargaining advantages even in the absence of collective bargaining:
    -employer has huge ability to raise revenue
    -employer is monopoly service provider
    -employer provides services that are often vital, and therefore highly emotional to its customers

    • Sean says:

      Sorry Doug but that is patent baloney. No medical / public sector union is against vaccine mandates in Canada. In fact they are telling members to get vaccinated and that this is indeed settled law. CMA for example wants the Ontario gov’t to go further.

      • Doug says:

        Will they grieve their members being dismissed for cause (no severence) for not complying with a vaccine mandate?

        • Sean says:

          They will if it is under a legitimate exemption, founded in law. As they should. But this is limited to:

          Medical: IE allergic etc… In these cases there is usually a testing option. It is considered similar to a physical disability.

          Religious: You have to prove that you are a member of a real congregation which explicitly and publicly forbids vaccines. I am told the standard for proving that is almost impossibly high in Canada.

  3. jsa says:

    you’re talking about essential workers who fought in the trenches from the start of the pandemic while the rest of us shopped online. just gonna fire them now… cold

    huge difference between airline and hospital employees

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I will never, ever, cut the unvaccinated any slack. I went to war with ours in the office and she now hates my fucking guts. Too damned bad. Let them live and work like hermits and then I’ll think about reconsidering. If they transmit to a single human being, they belong in jail, period.

    So boo hoo hoo to Gladu and all those other fools. Meanwhile, the leader is getting mighty good at quite deliberately remaining silent. Voters continue to notice, so there goes the next election…what a good laugh HimselfTM is having.

    • Gilbert says:

      If vaccinated transmit to unvaccinated, what should be the consequences? We now have variants without spike proteins.

      • Gilbert,

        Let me add on to your question before I answer it: now let’s suppose that it was almost unanimous across the medical community around the globe that for peak resistance to variants, people must be vaccine-dosed three times AND have swallowed the COVID-19 pill. In other words, done everything humanly possible as far as medical science is concerned in the way of health precautions, then I would say that those vaccinated multiple times but who refused the COVID-19 pill, should face legal consequences in one form or another. It’s all about totally meeting the public health threshold and being up to date as far as that evolving threshold is concerned.

        • HarryR says:

          Perhaps you would care to enlighten us on just what “form or other” of “legal consequences” you, personally, would be prepared to execute. (Hmmm, maybe not the best of words in this context) Would you, personally, strap-down a non-complier and Inject him by physical force? Would you, personally, drag him away from his home and family to a detention camp? These actions could be very quickly made ‘legal’ by fascist fiat and that is very dangerous ground to tread. I don’t know what you’re capable of but when all attempts at marginalizing, barring, bullying, shaming, threats, fines, seizure of assets, suspension of pensions, etc., fail to enforce what should be purely voluntary behaviour that, short of execution, is all you have left. So, would you, personally, be prepared to do it or would you hire thugs to do it for you? Do you really want to pave that one-way road to hell? It’s not as though we haven’t been there before. If you ever come across an old man with a number tattooed on his arm, and there’s not many of them left now, ask him how and where he got it. Have we learned nothing?

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Sorry but vaccination is not about self. It’s about you and the person you risk infecting involuntary with COVID-19 by not being doubly vaccinated. As for all the theoretical possibilities you suggest, I’m solely in favour of wallet-based sanctions. Nothing does better to concentrate the mind that serial hits to the wallet. Of course, in the case of classic textbook narcissists, no amount of fines will work. But God will level the playing field, if another life was taken at the moment of individual judgment.

      • David Bronaugh says:

        I think you’re exposing your profound ignorance of virology. The spike protein is a critical ingredient of a virus — without this, it can’t break into cells.

    • Phil in London says:

      Have to take exception with anyone wanting sympathy for the willingly unvaccinated. In my dictionary sympathy lies between shit and syphillis. I don’t give a tinker’s damn that a front line worker gets sacked. They don’t have to get fired – just get the fucking shot. What have these people sacrificed? Nada nuttin SFA if they are too damn selfish to roll up their sleeves.

      β€œFought in the trenches?” Let us not diminish the efforts of front line workers but let’s not dramatize for the sake of some cowardly selfish and classless actions of the few when 90% plus of front line are doing their part.

  5. Derek Pearce says:

    Lol the difference being hospital employees have the lives of the public in their hands far more often. This is bullshit and Ford will pay dearly for it.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’ll quibble a little with you about TheSquadTM. To my mind, they are Democrats but socialist Democrats. They quite clearly want to take both party and country there. Trouble is, Americans only magically become rabid socialists on their 65th birthday — so they can endlessly suck off the state under Medicare. So TheSquad is respectfully, somewhat delusional.

    Meanwhile, moderate and centrist Dems broke their word on voting for both bills at once — and Biden was OK with that. But the point is: what’s the progressive caucus’ fondest wish? Passing the bill or having the issue/argument? AOC and the rest of them need to get real mighty fast, or they’ll get rolled by BigYachtManchinTM.

  7. Peter Williams says:

    Why would I trust the government of Canada health experts?

    Remember β€˜Masks don’t work’? I notice that Trudeau et al sometimes wear masks but then party in bars without masks, and hobnob with elderly people while not wearing masks.

    Remember β€˜The vaccine that is available is the best one for you”? Is the AZ vaccine still being given?

    Remember K Harris and other Democrats saying no way would they take Trump recommend vaccine?

    Remember don’t travel? Yet One Dose Trudeau went to a G7 meeting. Imagine him traveling yet not fully vaccinated! Plus Hajdu, McKenna, Trudeau, etc. flying for fun.

    The Libs making a big deal over Conservatives not being fully vaccinated. It’s endangering Parliament they say. Yet Team Trudeau sent the largest delegation to the climate conference in Glasgow, where vaccinatation requirements were waived. And numerous photos emerged of attendees gathering, partying, etc. without masks.

    People across the planet look at this and many other leadership examples and say, if they don’t take this seriously in what they actually do, why should I?

    And yes I am vaccinated, I don’t travel, I’m avoiding crowds, and I started wearing a mask back when the Canadian medical experts and politicians said masks don’t work.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      It’s an easy choice for people, even when our elected leaders are nothing short of morons and behave accordingly. You can get vaccinated at least twice and reduce your risk of getting COVID-19, transmitting it to someone else or having either severe life threatening symptoms or long haul COVID OR you can be a one-watt and not get vaccinated. And when those in the second group choke to death, I’ll borrow a quote from Bishop Tutu: “You won’t see me crying.” Why? Because they asked for it, they got it, …

      • jsa says:

        indeed, how could people ‘ ‘ ever dare to believe that they might have a more informed opinion on covid vaccines than you do, ronny


        • jsa says:

          * indeed, how could people ‘who work in hospitals’ ever dare to believe that they might have a more informed opinion on covid vaccines than you do, ronny


          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            No individual person who happens to be unvaccinated has the right to risk infecting a single other person. Deal with it. As for the doubly vaccinated who unfortunately infect another, at least they took a moment to think about someone other than themselves and that’s why THEY got vaccinated. Deal with that one too.

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:

            Yeah, there are indeed people who work in hospitals who have a more informed opinion than I do and ALL of them are called the doubly vaccinated.

            The rest of them who work in hospitals and have a less informed opinion than I do are now called the fired.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Yeah, there are indeed people who have a more informed opinion than I do and ALL of them are called the doubly vaccinated.

      • Peter Williams says:


        I understand the rationale for vaccinations. But my question was why would I (or for that matter any citizen) trust government of Canada health experts?

        During a pandemic I expect politicians to lead. Lead by what the say, and more importantly by what they DO. When politicians behave like morons it erodes public trust both in what the politicians say and what their officials say.

        Remember when politicians and experts said vaccines would stop COVID? Now it seems we are hearing that even if vaccinated you can still get COVID and still transmit it to others.

        I’m vaccinated. But due to other health issues my doctor has told me to avoid crowds. If I catch COVID, I’m probably toast, even though I’m vaccinated.

        I know people who had COVID and didn’t know they had it. One guy’s daughter had mild flu like symptoms, got tested, found out she had COVID. The rest of the family got tested and found they had it too. But none of them got sick.

        On the other hand a close relative of mine was sick for two weeks with COVID. They described it as the worst flu they’d ever had. Fortunately no hospital stay was required. It took them a year to recover lung stamina so they could do their 100 km a weekend bike rides.

        Most of the population will know few, if any, people who got really sick with COVID. So they are inclined to trust their own experience over what the experts are saying. And when they see politicians vacationing, partying, and attending conferences where vaccination requirements have been dropped, they stop believing the experts.

        Trust is important. Trudeau, Singh (he went to Glasgow too), et al have destroyed the public’s trust.

    • Jeff says:

      Sparky has always been a do as I say not as I do kinda guy.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Absolutely. Stupid politicians by their own conduct encourage people to make the wrong decision — but IMHO, the other point is that so many people expect scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and other health professionals to be gods and get it 100% right from the get-go. That’s unrealistic for two reasons: a) these people are human beings and therefore not perfect and secondly, as the virus evolves and produces seemingly endless new variants with different compositions, how can these new strains have been factored into the mix, much less the scientific and medical analysis? It’s very much catch 22. But the bottom line for the unvaccinated is this: do you respect another person’s inalienable right to live without you, the unvaccinated, unwittingly making that person seriously ill or dead because you, the unvaccinated, gave that person COVID-19?

  9. HarryR says:

    Mr O’D, sorry to muscle in on this thread but I couldn’t reply to your last post on our thread. Here goes…….
    Thank you, for your feed-back. I have a clearer understanding of where you stand and I am encouraged that you would draw the line at the more extreme punitive measures. I can not claim to be well read on the subject of “classic textbook narcissists” but I do recognize a thinly-veiled slur. It signals your presumption that I would probably be un-‘vaccinated’. You would be wrong – no, in truth you would be half-correct. Full disclosure – I received my first dose of the Pfizer mRNA therapy back in April. Without getting among the nuts and bolts I have, since then, done much reading and paid attention to much contentious argument between equally highly qualified people of both factions to arrive at my current belief on both the moral and medical issues. Let us leave it at that. There are no winners. In this mess, and it really is a MESS, we are ALL losers.
    From one human being to another I wish you and yours well. If your antipathy is such that you cannot bring yourself to reciprocate ………. ah, well – too bad. I hope you are correct in your assertion that God will level the playing field – because there’s a whole load of crap coming down to my end.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      I used that phrase to make a textbook point. It was not directed at you specifically. Some people who are not vaccinated do not suffer from NPD but my guess would be that more often than not they do.

      You’ve gone part way and I respect that. You’ve chosen to stop there. As a non-medical professional, I will not second guess your reasons. I just hope that ultimately your decision will be the right one and I also wish you and yours the best. Stay safe and be well.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Where the hell have you been?

      This thing is starting to stink to high heaven. I don’t want any pharmaceutical libel chill so I’ll leave it at that.

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