01.08.2022 11:11 PM

We get letters: spelling optional


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Well, now that the prime ministerial bar is at a record low, thanks to Himself’s tenure, this guy strikes me as the next ideal successor as Liberal Party leader…

  2. PJH says:

    It begs the question if this spreadneck wordsmith is the kind of guy Erin O’Toole feels should be “accommodated” in not taking the vaccine..I fortunately know, personally, only two people who have been infected with covid….two big, strong guys in their fifties..One, a former Marine, who had been vaccinated with two doses of AstraZeneca, became desperately ill, and was taken to hospital by ambulance. He feels if he hadnt been vaccinated, he may not have made it, and he still has lingering issues from contracting covid. The other was infected before vaccines were available for his age group, and he became desperately ill as well, and almost checked himself into hospital. He also has lingering effects, constant fatigue and breathlessness, months after contracting the virus. I guess this spreadneck man of letters, will only be convinced when he or someone near and dear to him contracts the virus and is hospitalized with it. Maybe then, and only then, will he realize this is not just a cold/flu…Sad….

  3. Bill Malcolm says:

    Same stupid arguments the anti-vaxxers have used for almost two years now. They have not updated their sludgeful nonsense even as the virus has mutated into a completely different animal.

    My solution is simple. If this is just a cold/flu, kick out the unvaxxed Covid sufferers from hospital where they have been hogging the beds and services. They’re obviously there under false pretences.

    I really couldn’t give a brass monkey about these idiots, or whether they get vaccinated. What I strenuously object to is thir hogging of medical services out of all proportion to their numbers. Why should they displace people who did get vaccinated? It makes no logical sense, and they have been MORE than accommodated for their folly, so O’Toole can take a hike as well in defending their “interests”. How’s about defending the rights of the majority, Erin baby? And that means shoving the oafs, louts, fools and racists to the back of the line. My rights as a citizen who followed public health policy surely outweigh those of people who deny the very existence of Covid. So how about standing up for me, you bunch of Con idiots?

    Conidiot or Covidiot? Is there a noticeable difference? Apparently not to the Tool who is always attempting to butter both sides of his bread at the same time. Nobody is much impressed by a Trudeau who cannot grasp the concept of ethics except for the terminally self-hypnotized, but hell, I cannot even imagine the chaos this country would be in today if O’Toole was PM. Governance by a team of Grade 5 level dolts, religious nutbars, oil pushers, climate deniers, people who couldn’t pass Econ 101 like Poilievre and corporatists out to bleed the public treasury dry even more than the Liberals would have sunk the country completely by now. In just three short months. I don’t want to be governed by the rabble from middle school, thanks all the same. I remember those cocksure little bastards who knew eff all about anything and bullied everyone else at recess.

    • The Doctor says:

      “My solution is simple. If this is just a cold/flu, kick out the unvaxxed Covid sufferers from hospital where they have been hogging the beds and services. They’re obviously there under false pretences.”

      I like that.

  4. Sean says:

    There will be some Charter debates about vaccine mandates. That is valid. P.E.T. opposed tyranny of the majority over the rights of the minority.

    But there has never been a valid argument for tyranny of the stupid over the freedoms of the majority and that is exactly what the anti vaxxers want.

    The 85% of us who propose to agree with reality will never get back to normal life until the anti vaxxers either get with the program or are excluded from malls, restaurants, gyms, transit, stores etc…We are not obliged to put up with their foolishness forever.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    You remember that shovel that our host keeps insisting that the mildly sentient not continue digging with to further bury himself into an unrecoverable political hole? O’Toole, foolishly, ain’t winded yet and enthusiastically keeps digging deeper on the unvaccinated.

    Maybe he can join Scheer at some bar and drink himself silly about what could have been…he’s made his bed in spades — now lie in it, while the rest of us have one hell of a good laugh.

  6. the salamander horde says:

    .. Always great to track your progress across the great arc of Progressive Bloggers.. Yes – I know you banished dismissed & dissed me, blocked me on Twitter, just like Mrs Rempel-Garner & & Ken Boessenkool did..despite being just one among your strong local Beach advocates. One of my comments may have irked you.. c’est la vie

    But in my 70 year old Beacher views.. it’s stunning & deplorable to see what is fundamentally hate mail is directed your way

    Certainly not deserved..

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