McGill students defeat intolerance

Congratulations to Tomas Jirousek, Ben Kinsella and other students for this important victory.

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McGill University students have voted in favour of changing the name shared by the school’s varsity men’s sports teams, the Redmen, in a move they hope will pressure the university to respond in kind.

On Monday evening, students voted 78.8 per cent in favour of a change.

The non-binding referendum, organized by McGill’s student union, collected 5,856 votes — one of the highest participation rates for a vote of its kind at the university.

“Today, as students, we are defending values of respect and inclusion on campus,” a statement by the union said, adding it was thrilled by the result.

Scenes from the Daisy mid-terms party

And the candidate we worked for in Maine, Janet Mills, won Governor! First woman elected to that post! Daisy extends its wins to the U.S.! Woot!

Logan Ross and the Gipper; Tom Henheffer and Zack Babins with JFK; Daisy alum Laksh Vig and Dion Angelini do yet more office fix-ups; Myriam Denis protects the real winner of 2016 presidential race; CBC TV broadcasts live from Daisy; and Toronto Mayor John Tory offers a toonie for my new book, New Dark Ages, while Lisa Kinsella and Katie Watson are amused.