“Maxime Bernier and his rhetoric are not welcome here.”

Take note, spreadnecks:

“…Saskatchewan politicians have been clear Bernier is not a welcome guest.

“Anybody that’s disobeying the public health order and holding rallies is not looking out for their community. It’s very self-serving,” Health Minister Paul Merriman told reporters on Friday.

“If he’s going to cause some issues and break the public health orders, that’s extremely disappointing that a formal federal leader is looking at breaking laws going across our country.”

NDP MLA Nicole Sarauer called this response to Bernier and the growing number of “freedom rallies” across the province weak. She called on the Saskatchewan Party to take a stronger stand against Bernier.

“This is the last thing we need in this province right now,” Sarauer said. “Maxime Bernier and his rhetoric are not welcome here.”