The Smoker in Chief

Barack Obama: president, smoker.

I’m not sure why, but I thought he’d quit. I guess he hasn’t.

It’s weird, too. Every politician I’ve worked for, pretty much, has been a non-smoker. Few of them get enough exercise, and some of them are obliged to occasionally eat fast food, but the vast majority of them avoid tobacco.

A photo of a smoking politico looks really, really bad, of course. But the fact is that the clich├ęd smoke-filled backrooms aren’t so smoke-filled anymore. Politicians have, in this case at least, generally practiced what they preach.

Libertarian conservatives will be torn by the Smoking Obama Story. On the one hand, they viscerally despise him. On the other hand, nutbar conservatives actually regard smoking as a manifestation of personal freedom and liberty and all that hooey. When it’s just a dumb and dirty habit.

As anyone who reads this web site knows, I love all Democratic presidents (except Jimmy Carter) – and I really love Barack Obama.

I sure wish he wouldn’t smoke, however. Among other things, he’s setting a bad example.

Quit, Obama, quit!

The Targets: God-Like Geniuses

Last night SFH played at Mitzi’s Sister and raised a couple hundred bucks for Chilean earthquake relief. A fine time was had by all. Rayman wasn’t arrested, so that’s an improvement.

We also opened for this group of teens from the UK – The Targets. These guys – lead singer Conrad in particular – have the spark, you know? They’ve got it. They blew everyone away.

Check out the vid for one of their hits, ‘Wake Up’and watch for them as they move towards a town near you.

How Very Sad

My goodness gracious! The Free Speech Warrior – the one who is suing me for, um, exercising my free speech – is somehow no longer on the speaker’s list for the conference I told you about the other day! How ever do these things happen?

Oh, and here’s this bit from the National Post:

[“The [Law Society] found Mr. Levant violated the following rules of professional conduct: to “respect and uphold the law in personal conduct,” to “seek to improve the justice system,” to not ” act in a manner that might weaken public respect for the law,” to be “courteous and candid,” and to not “harass any person or discriminate against any person” on various prohibited grounds.”

Have a nice day, buddy!

Good Morning, Mr. Hudak!

The sold-out Ontario Liberal Heritage Dinner is tonight. As you sit at home this evening, contemplating that fact, please let me share with you an interesting little blog post that is a must-read:

Given the poor results the PC’s have had under the Hudak regime so far, (running an angry and unsuccessful campaign in St. Paul’s, getting crushed in Toronto Centre, and now looking down the barrel at another defeat in the critical riding of Ottawa West-Nepean) and in particular, the very negative press which emerged following the PC tactics outside, and particularly inside the Legislature during the last sitting. Many in the caucus, particularly those on the Red Tory wing of the party and the more experienced MPP’s, including such high profile figures such as Deputy Leader Christine Elliott, Education critic Elizabeth Witmer, and Chief Whip/Finance Critic/longest serving PC MPP, had expressed displeasure with the rough and tumble tactics of the Hudak/Hillier axis within the party, whose strategy was promoted by Medulun. With the Tories looking at a probable loss in an important swing riding of OW-N, could caucus unrest push more Hudakites out of the way as the more moderate wing of the party calls for a re-think of strategy?

Have a nice night, Timmy. We certainly will!

Yours sincerely,


(h/t to BCL)

Rich in Irony, etc.

One of the participants – the one who regularly declares himself a champion of free speech, and decries libel lawsuits – is, wait for it, suing me for libel.

Guess which one? You get three guesses, and the first two don’t count.