Web of Hate

Warren Kinsella is the author of ‘Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network.’ It was first published by HarperCollins in 1996, was a national bestseller, and has won numerous awards, including the Ottawa Citizen Best Book Award. The third updated and revised edition of Web of Hate was released in 2001.

Excerpt: “One hot and sunny afternoon not so long ago, Terry Long strolls around his acreage, talking to a reporter. Leaning against his sawmill, a WHITE PRIDE trucker’s cap on his head, Long looks off into the distance, into the future. ‘It has already started,’ he says. ‘If you are waiting for the big shot that is going to be heard around the world, I don’t think you are going to hear it. The prime motivating factor will be the economic situation… You saw it in the Thirties. It took 15 years of people starving to death and having their faces rubbed in the dirt before they finally saw the truth, as represented by Adolf Hitler.”

When Web of Hate was first published in 1994, it caused a storm of controversy, receiving excellent reviews and reaching the number two position on The Globe and Mail bestseller list.

In 1995, when the trade paper edition of the book was released, there was only one web site devoted to racial hatred. Now there are thousands of such web sites all over the world – and no regulations governing their vitriolic content. Even more shocking, two of those web sites operate unfettered from Toronto.

Warren Kinsella has now updated his extraordinary insider’s view of the Far Right in Canada to include an investigation of Internet hate groups and the ease with which they operate in our unregulated Internet environment. These are organizations whose previously marginal influence has exploded over the Internet, giving them a global voice and support. Kinsella makes a strong and convincing argument for Internet regulation, showing how groups like the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan and the Heritage Front are reaching out to students and even children on the Net.

Combining extensive first-person interviews with original investigative research, the updated edition of Web of Hate is an even more disturbing portrait of a movement that is spreading like a contagion throughout Canada and the world. The devastation it leaves in its wake will have a far-reaching impact on all of us.

“. . . riveting. . . . This is investigative journalism of a high order. . .” — Calgary Herald

“. . . a compendious, intelligent and highly readable book.” — The Toronto Star

“. . . well-written, well-documented, deeply disturbing. . .” — The Gazette (Montreal)

“A chilling read by a brave writer.” — Stevie Cameron

“Remarkable.” — Saturday Night

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    By Any Chance, do you have additional posts like this particular
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  2. Bob Stitzenberger says:

    The connections between the Heritage Front, the Northern Alliance and Steven Harper are disturbing.

  3. Thanking you’…l’amitie, Gilles (xxxooo)…

  4. Sagramore says:

    You’re going to have to update your book after this election, Warren. Spencer, Anglin, even Moonman. Just don’t fall for the Pepe troll, it’s a very specific thing that the media made into a whipping boy. Nick Bougas and The Happy Merchant is more the right direction.

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