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Coronavirus claims a Canadian victim

…for a joke.  A joke.

It may have been a bit too soon, or too edgy, or whatever.  That’s fair.  But to destroy an award-winning journalist’s entire career over it?

Full disclosure: Peter Akman is a former neighbour our of mine.  He is a great guy with a great family.  I am rumoured to know a thing or two about racism, and I can assure everyone: Peter is not even remotely racist.

But CTV has fired him. For a lame tweeted joke.

You know, CTV: the network that has permitted Jess Allen to remain employed on their network – after Allen said that those who play hockey are “white boys…who weren’t, let’s say, very nice.”  And: “They were not generally thoughtful, they were often bullies.”

Yes, CTV.  The network that promotes, funds and airs Canada’s Walk of Fame – which couldn’t find one non-white inductee in 2019 – and which had only one (1) token woman.

CTV and Bell Media, who this week were telling us all about the importance of understanding and forgiveness, have frankly acted like thugs, here.  And their hypocrisy, it seems, is bottomless.

Bring Peter back.