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In today’s Sun: be careful what you ask for, Chief – you just might get it

The last press conference he’ll run.

To me, there’s never been much question that Conservative candidate Julian Fantino is going to handily win Monday’s byelection in a riding north of Toronto.

The question, instead, is why the hell Julian Fantino wants the job in the first place.


  1. What public polling do you have to suggest the Liberals are losing their bastion of 22 years, Maurizio easily won the Mayoralty race? The Toronto Star has written several articles under damage control lowering expectation for winning the riding. In the same articles they slam Fantino but don’t give reasons why the Liberals might lose their long held riding.

    Should Dalton be worried the Federal Liberals are creating problems in his backyard? HST and now Caledonia. Does the current OPP Chief think giving the Federal Liberals-Toronto Star using this issue for the by election in Vaughan is helpful?

    • Warren says:

      If I had wanted to publish them, I would have.

      Maurizio won principally on his name; Julian is about to do the same. Party affiliation – particularly in a by-election – isn’t so important.

      • Bill says:

        Heard you say that the other day on P&P.

        But aren’t by-elections also a time to show (dis)approval of the sitting government? I get the name recog factor but surely it’s not 100%.

        • JenS says:

          I think much is made of by-elections being some sort of barometer of public opinion on the sitting government, but I don’t buy that. I think it’s less telling than the results of a regular election, as there isn’t nearly as much attention paid to the overall stance of the government on a broader basis. Voters in this election aren’t being barraged with national media coverage of the larger campaign on a daily basis as they would be during a regular election.

          • Bill says:

            Well we have a provincial by-election here in Quebec tomorrow…it’s been a LPQ seat fro awhile and they are running neck and neck with the PQ. If the LPQ loses tomorrow, it’s 100% a rebuke of Jean Charest so I don’t buy that these by elections are only name recognition.

          • JenS says:

            But what’s your proof of that, Bill? That you say it doesn’t necessarily make it so. And of course, there’s no absolute to anything when it comes to voting — different elections are impacted by different things. I just don’t necessarily think by-elections are, in any absolute or even any habitual way, necessarily a barometer of public opinion of government. The by-election you speak of MAY serve as commentary of public opinion on Charest, but that doesn’t mean all by-elections’ results serve as such an appraisal.

  2. hugger says:

    This is a rather curious piece Mr. K. As example;

    Last evening I read a 2 part offering in a publication called the Eyeweekly which among other things, focused on Fantino’s involvement in the Peter Maloney, Susan Eng, Garry Carter revelations. Operation Atom was a 3 year, 2 million dollar exercise that, well speaks to a number of things.

    That you claim McGuinty and Fantino share admiration for each other thickens the plot overall. Double entendre intended.

    The link; http://www.eyeweekly.com/city/features/article/106503

    As to Fantino’s reasons, there are a number of possibilities which can lead to various speculative notions. We should bear in mind though, that he comes pre-approved by the other Don, …. Cherry that is. So what’s to worry? He must be a solid guy, rock em sock em and all that, and fer sure not some pansy type from one of dem Euro peein’ type places nor some ruskie comin’ here to take our pay cheques…

    Suddenly I feel the urge to go to my room and “don” the most ridiculous clothes I own, but a plaid shirt and a looney tunes tie hardly seem enough. Maybe if I add the Tazmanian Devil boxers and go out in public and bloviate?????

  3. orval says:

    I was a police officer in the past and I know someone does not become Chief of Police or Commissioner without having spent years “in the ranks”. The police. like the military, has a hierarchy based on rank and loyalty and obedience to lawful authority and one’s commanders is very important. During his career, was Mr Fantino never under the command of officers superior in rank to him? As Chief of Police and as Commissioner, did he not have subordinates from whom he expected their loyalty and obedience?

    You say that Mr Fantino and Premier McGuinty has mutual respect for each other. But Mr McGuinty is the boss. If Mr Fantino had views differing from Mr McGuinty’s on any issue (let say on Caledonia), he kept them to himself and executed the Premier’s direction in recognition of the Government’s authority.

    It will be the same between Mr Fantino and PM Harper. I am sure they will get along just fine, and Mr Fantino will be loyal to the PM as any Minister would be. Mr Fantino will bring valuable insight to the Government which will have a positive impact.

    And I am not sure that a cabinet seat is the quid pro quo for Mr. Fantino to run. I doubt he is running to get “power.” He has made a career of service and , at 68 years of age after a long and distinguished career, he may be pleased to be able to serve his community and Canada as a MP.

  4. WDM says:

    I agree. It’s going to be interesting to see how someone who gained much of his reputation for an outspoken style is going to fit into the current Cabinet. Although I do think the next 6 weeks or so are going to be interesting. The Cabinet shuffle that will presumably occur over the Christmas break might wind up being a big one. Presumably Baird will leave the Environment portfolio, then add in Fantino to a department like Public Safety and all of a sudden you’re moving a lot of deck chairs. Unless Vic Toews winds up in Environment!

  5. Bill says:

    Interesting, you make a better case for Fantino than he does.

    Then again, you’re making a public statement and aren’t in hiding.

  6. Bill says:

    @ Jen

    You made my point for me by saying that “And of course, there?s no absolute to anything when it comes to voting ? different elections are impacted by different things.”

    My point was that by-elections are not simply about name recognition. You seem to agree with that by your statement.

    • JenS says:

      Then you made your point badly — seemed to me you were arguing that the Quebec by-election was only about making a statement regarding the existing government and that therefore, that’s what by-elections do. I do agree that by-elections are not simply about name recognition, and they are certainly not just about whether the electorate thinks of the government of the day. My point was that they are much less about the latter than people give them credit for.

      So, yeah, I guess to some extent, we agree 🙂

  7. terence says:

    Christie Blatchford disagrees with your opinion of Fantino and I hope the voters of Vaughn think like she does also.

  8. ktron says:

    The man who designed the “eternal-boot-grinding-in-the-face G20” is trying to get a powerful member of “Law and Order” into a cabinet position and no-one sees a problem? Are we all okay with Martial Law now too? Julian wants the job because it’s his God-given “thank-you” from Mr. Comfy-blue-sweater for helping us along the road toward a happier, more lawful place, where people who object to government policy know better than to go out in public.

  9. JH says:

    I think the Libs are pouring so much into this because of Maurizio Bevilacqua’s refusal to campaign for them and of course his disdain for Mr. Ignatieff. They need to prove something. MI brought this down upon himself when he renegged on an immigration deal Bevilacqua was encouraged to make with Jason Kenney – and then shot down for doing so. As is often the case with all leaders – they are authors of their own misfortunes.

  10. The Other Jim says:

    Warren – Have you previously blogged about Caledonia and, in particular, what has happened to the people who own(ed) property near Douglas Creek Estates? While I understand the great desire (and need) to avoid another Ipperwash, I feel that the province has facilitated the victimization of innocent people in its efforts to avoid direct conflict with the protesters/occupiers. Your above comment about Chief Fantino’s “stickhandling” of the situation would seem to indicate that you approve of the province’s approach – perhaps you could expand on your thoughts in that regard when time permits? Thanks.

  11. Troy says:

    Warren, it’s ridiculous for you to say that “there’s never been much question that Conservative candidate Julian Fantino is going to handily win Monday’s byelection”. There is no excuse for that. There is no reason why the Liberals should be losing this by-election other than incompetence and declining support for the party.

    First, it was known for months that Maurizio B was leaving, and yet it took until the last minute for the Liberals to get a candidate in place and nominated.

    Second, because of his personal connection to Julian Fantino, Maurizio B hasn’t even endorsed Genco. It’s rather unusual for the outgoing Liberal MP not to endorse his successor.

    Third, Maurizio B should have waited until the next election to step down. I realize he wanted to be Mayor, but by stepping down now it left the Liberals in the lurch. Liberal turnout is not good during by-elections. It is better during general elections. This riding probably would not have been lost if it was occurring during a GE.

    Fourth, most Italians vote Liberal, so considering that this riding has such a large Italian population, if the Liberals were actually running a competent campaign, they should be able to win here.

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