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O that we were young again

Here’s a #TBT! Here’s a grainy photo of the Hot Nasties at the Calgary Stampede, 1980, for our last-ever show with Tom and Wayne.

There were 2,000 there for us and George Wall’s amazing Rock’n’Roll Bitches from Edmonton. Allen Baekeland (RIP) told us it was the best show we ever did. Forty years ago!‬

[Left to right: Sane the Wayne Ahern, Nuclear Age Winkie Smith, Ras Pierre Schenk]

Peter MacKay has an ad

I think it needed an editor – it’s about 30 too long. The “sharp end of the Covid stick” was weird writing. A war room is likely going to find that some of the people in the spot aren’t Canadians.

But it’s smart. It doesn’t even mention Trudeau or his leadership rivals, and thereby avoids partisanship at a time when we know we all need to be coming together. It looks and sounds Prime Ministerial.

It is the Biden approach to political opposition: lift people up, pick your targets carefully. It probably will win him the leadership.