01.27.2017 12:10 PM

Holocaust remembrance day

Is today. 

And, today – more than on many other such days – remember that the Shoah began with hateful words, first. 

And then – as now – too many said nothing, because they didn’t want to attract the anger of the Beast. 

“Never again” should mean just that. 


  1. daveconstable says:

    Just to add to your ‘Godwin’s Law’ direction, I saw an interview with Naomi Klein a day or so ago. If I understand her properly, she said that the capitalism in USA is in a panic, and the make up of the new regime shows it. The billionaires who have run government from the background so far, realize that Bernie Sanders could have won the presidential election. Instead of buying parties and politicians and giving orders in camera, they are taking the reins of government themselves – a cabinet of billionaires and generals. They are now going to run things directly, themselves.
    A lot of our history tells us about the contributions, often essential contributions, capitalists have made to install and maintain fascistic leaders, including in 1930’s Germany.

    (A one liner I like is, ‘Now the Americans have elected the kind of strong man leader that USA has foisted on other countries for decades.’)

    • vinz says:

      Nice Dave, at least the ones north of the border understand what’s going on. The rubes got played so well there’s no choice left but to burn it down around here. They don’t understand the DNC was the turning point, not the 8th. Monstrous freakouts all over, got to look, not listen, as their actions didn’t line up with their words. The 1% thought he was just a ‘pied piper for college kids’ and didn’t realise they were letting their own Manuel Zelaya build a revolution right in front of them. They stopped it too late to halt it completely. And he might’ve been burned out through backroom trickery but he’s left some great future leaders in his wake like Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Bruce Carter, Keith Ellison. This term and possibly even midterms are shot but if the DNC steps out of the way or their corporate-leaning people are pushed out and allows it to be DirectDemocracy vs Plutocracy (essentially the opposite of the other end) then there’s a good chance to turn it around.

  2. Kevin says:

    That photo makes my blood run cold. Please God it should make everyone’s do the same.

  3. Ted H says:

    Who said it, Huey Long or Sinclair Lewis? “When fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag”

  4. cynical says:

    It’s a day to remember our own lack of action during those years and to make sure it doesn’t happen again. To anyone. We’ve let down the Syrians (and Somalis and numerous other groups) just like we let down Jews.

    This is not liberal guilt. This is a recognition of an historical wrong that for which we should atone.

  5. And there are fools who want us to repeat the crimes of old…among our own citizens.

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