02.13.2017 06:45 PM

The world is doomed? Why would you say that?


  1. daveconstable says:

    I’m not able to find any source of this graph other than the guy who tweeted it.

    But suppose it shows some reality:
    1. A lot of people are not informed, or are wrongly informed.
    2 One contribution to this poorly informed public is that the mainstream media, for so many important issues, for many years, has deliberately misinformed, or deliberately withheld important info from the public, and have left people adrift, to seek alternate info in other places.

      • Steve T says:

        That is a great document, and it actually gives me some hope. Although the hardcore Trump-kins are nutjobs, the majority of Americans seem to be moving away from him, even if they originally voted for him. Crossed fingers for impeachment!

        • Peter says:

          Crossed fingers for impeachment!

          There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. A lot of people. especially Canadians, seem to think impeachment is a kind of non-confidence motion and an impeachment would end the entire administration and send the country back to the polls. Anybody who is seriously hoping for or advocating impeachment should be prepared to state up front they would prefer Mike Pence, ’cause that’s who they would get.

          It’s very that, after a very brief period of interest among progressives in why so many traditional Dem voters went for Trump and an awakening to the widespread economic distress in much of the States, we’re back to talking about how stupid they are.

          • Dan Calda says:

            “Widespread economic distress?”
            Anyone who quotes Tucker (Kelly Anne Conway) Carlson is bloody hilarious.
            Yup…attack regular media…and quote Tucker. Let that sink in for a second.

            Any “distress” that may be happening in Duck Dynasty country is a direct result of Republican policies at the State level by Republican politicians. States with moderates or Democrats in charge are rocking.

            Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, etc…are failing because of a decade of Tea Party politics and policies…and I guess according to you and Tucker they represent America?

          • Dan Calda says:

            And yes…I would much rather President Pence.
            Stable, sane and predictable. Atleast he won’t cause the biggest mkt crash since 1929.

          • Peter says:

            Actually, I was quoting the well-known, much-respected, anti-austerity, leftist professor, Mark Blyth. Tucker was the one asking the questions.

          • FlyingSquirrel says:

            American and Trump opponent here: Yes, most of us would in fact prefer Mike Pence. While most of his policies would be awful, he’s at least a rational person who isn’t as likely to make up “alternative facts” when actual facts don’t serve his purposes, make a complete mess of our foreign policy, attack the legitimacy of judges for ruling against him, or put kooks like Bannon in positions of power. And I don’t think he’s a particularly inspiring communicator – Democrats would still have a good shot at beating him in 2020, with less chance of chaos breaking out in the meantime.

            And while it’s true that Republican policies have not benefited the white working-class areas that voted heavily for Trump, many Democrats – Hillary Clinton included – are not very good at messaging around these issues, and some of the urban college-educated professionals (of which I am one) who have become an important part of the Democratic coalition do, in fact, sound kind of snooty and condescending in the way they talk about those voters and their values. Nobody wants to vote for somebody they think is looking down their nose at them, and Trump at least managed to sound like he wasn’t doing that.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This gives new meaning to the term low-information Voter…and takes things to a new all-time low. God Bless America!

  3. smelter rat says:

    Flynn is gone. The house of cards is falling.

  4. Tim White says:

    So what.

    The left in the US has become equally unmoored from reality.
    I saw a link the other day but it’s useless to share it.

    We can only hope a unifying presence emerges in the USA.

    The divisions have to be healed.

  5. Aongasha says:

    I blame the MSM pushing their own agendas instead of straight reporting for a lot of this. They helped make Trump, aided Harper to stay in power for a decade and now have KOL leading in the polls.
    The violence from the ultra-left is not helping either – see Berkley riots, BLM leaders vicious anti-white comments, PRIDE bannings etc. No wonder folks look elsewhere for solutions and have little trust in leaders.

    • Dan Calda says:

      …and you are sure that Bannon Brownshirts weren’t behind the Berkley riots. Point is…I don’t know and nor do you.

  6. Ted H says:

    Why do you think Republicans have been de-funding the public school system for decades? Apparently in order to dumb down a large portion of the American populace to such an extent that the election of Donald Trump became possible. Even the Repugs are probably thinking they went a bit too far.

  7. Robert Frindt says:

    The most power delusion is self-delusion.


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