03.27.2020 06:40 PM

The best public service announcement you will ever see


  1. PJH says:

    The Irish…..lovely people…..but piss them off at yer peril.
    My maternal Gran was Irish…..lovely lady…but you didnt want to see her angry.
    Praise be to this man for telling, with righteous indignation, people that needed to be told.

  2. Thank you – thats exactly what the PM should say – none of this hand holding bullshit.

  3. Max says:

    Gives pause to the messaging around this business that “we’re in this together”, eh mate?

  4. Steve Teller says:

    I would like this PSA to be articulated to those who argue liquor stores, cannabis stores, and venues with VLTs should remain open. You know, because the addicts would get withdrawal symptoms. So their addiction is worth more than society’s health?

  5. CanadianKate says:

    Ok, I’ll be the one to point out the irony of him saying stay the fuck home while sitting in his car.

  6. Max says:

    Connor MacGregor, be afwaid. Be vewwey afwaid.

  7. jsa says:

    ‘This video is a collaboration with Aatish Bhatia about how to see the COVID-19 tipping point – we present a better way to graph COVID-19 coronavirus cases using a logarithmic scale in “phase space” – plotting the growth rate against the cumulative cases, rather than either of these against time.’



  8. Pipes says:

    Been practicing this for 3 days and still cant get it right……

  9. LAL says:

    When I saw this post I perceived a man desperate to communicate how imperative it is that the world follow the advice to stay the f@&k at home in order to flatten the curve and get a hold on this virus. Irish albeit, he seemed scared like we all are and passionate about us listening and doing the right thing – I don’t think we can say he is a hypocrite because he is in his car (alone) – do we not drive our cars to get essentials for our ourselves and our families? Mind you, I don’t suggest he drag anyone by the hair or beat their father as that would not be adhering to social distancing protocol! But point definitely taken stay the fuck at home!

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