03.03.2010 10:30 AM

Fighting Hate

Kudos to all concerned here – the CJC, my brother Bernie Farber, AG Chris Bentley and his officials and whip-smart staff, the OPP’s Julian Fantino, and the enterprising Stewart Bell, who the Post is damn lucky to still have in their newsroom. Kudos all around.

This is how you deal with vile, despicable expressions of hatred: not by arrogantly shrugging libertarian shoulders, and saying it’s just words. By taking action.

We can now all look forward to Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Jonathan Kay dancing on the head of a pin in the next day or so, as they simultaneously attempt to explain why they favour unfettered free speech, but not necessarily unfettered free speech. Break out the anti-nausea pills, etc.

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