03.08.2010 02:30 PM

McGuinty Throne Speech

I’m at the Leg – where, from time to time, I give the Liberal caucus comms advice – and listening in right now. This, to me, is the key part:

No place has escaped the Great Recession unscathed.

That is why your government is responding to the extraordinary challenge of the global recession with two extraordinary measures.

First: it plans to invest over $32 billion in roads, bridges, public transit and energy retrofits for our schools.

This is creating and sustaining over 300,000 jobs and puts money into the hands of families, where it is needed — and it is stimulating our economy while we emerge from the recession.
Second: your government is supporting Ontarians in their choice to go back to school so they can get a good job — not just any job.

Ontario’s Second Career Program is a first for Canada because it supports up to two years of long-term training.


  1. James Bowie says:

    What’s this I hear about someone heckling the Lieutenant Governor?

  2. Bjorn says:

    Way better comments platform.

  3. Michael S says:

    Good work by your elves, WK.

  4. Pat Tentlyobvious says:

    Yada, yada, yada. Plans never equal reality. And you wanna bet any investment will benefit those who are, shall we say, “Dalton-Friendly”?

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