03.12.2010 11:41 PM

No Lady Gaga fan am I

…but there is Lynchian genius at work, here. Once you start watching it, you will watch it right to the end. Guaranteed.

Not suitable for work or little kids, BTW.  And if you figure out what it means, be sure to let the rest of us know.



  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    Sorry Warren,

    This is pure crap.

    You can watch it once (and regret it afterwards), but not twice, or many times over like true Lynch classics.

    Eraserhead is my fav.

  2. Elizabeth says:


    Going to jail to make music took off with Johnny Cash and Joan Baez; up to Elvis and Jailhouse Rock . . and it’s never lost its popularity since.

    She wants to replace Madonna.

    She goes to a lot of aerobic classes.

    She wants to show her ENTIRE body, and do the “I’m gay” thing.

    She’s trying to be shocking. Jail, murder, the word “pussy”. But let’s not leave all our clothes and makeup and bling behind, okay? And those chains are just – such great contrast with my delicate little blonde self.

    She has more money and techno than talent.

    Sorry – I got bored. After all – she’s not showing me anything new. I found it very superficial.

    This is someone who actually did have guts, instead of fakery; Joan Baez performing in (male) Sing Sing Prison:
    As a 60s teenager who never reeeeally found Joan Baez totally cool — I never thought I’d actually say that she was beautiful, but she was. And still is.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Etta James who was the real woman and one of the bad girls of soul, and blues — originally, and superlatively, made “At Last” famous. She criticized Beyoncé” when she found out that B. would sing her trademark song at the Inauguration – Her son later put it down to the fact that she was developing dementia, but there’s a big, big diff between Beyoncé and Etta James, and Beyoncé did a good job, but she’s not Etta. Too plastic. Seems unfair.

  4. Lipman says:

    I got through about 40 seconds of this bad “Caged Heat” parody. Either I am simply too boring, or just plain misanthropic…


  5. Dave says:

    I love Lady Gaga.

    I also just realised that I should get a Virgin Mobile cellphone so I can call people I meet on Plenty of Fish.com while surfing on my HP “Beats Limited Edition” laptop after taking a Polaroid picture of myself making a Miracle Whip sandwich on Wonder Bread. (I left a few out as an excercise for the viewer)

    Smart way to get the cash to have a fairly production intensive video made – apparently the labels aren’t exactly throwing money at music videos any more.

  6. ray says:

    “what a bunch of haters”

  7. Trillium says:

    Geez guys…every idea or image of women that’s ever existed. From Covered to Crotch, from Glamour to Raw, from barbed wire to high heels, from the runways of Paris to the girls in Cell Block B.

    Black and white, les, het and bi.

    And finally the mass murder and the Tina and Louise getaway

    Ain’t never coming back.

    With ‘the man’ in pursuit.

    I luv Lady Gaga.

  8. Groove Mctwang says:

    Lady Gaga isn’t the Tragically Hip or Nickelback. THANK GOD for that.

    James was a real woman? Are you suggesting that Lady Gaga is a tranny? What is a real woman? What a weird put down that was. I guess to be a real woman you need to have a heroin addiction or to sing about flowers while selling a few million albums.

  9. Visionseeker says:

    Love or hate Gaga… This has a Thelma and Louise flavour that will score big in certain demographics.

  10. Robert Ede says:

    Thelma and Louise get tatts and hats and Kill Bill with Pulp Fiction time Sequenting
    Green Mile meets Bad Boys (sean penn)
    Girl on Girl TV-rated porno with WonderWoman Blondie trying to be Madonna
    Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie version) with Thriller Chorus and a few MJ moves from GaGa
    Night of the Living Dead Virgin Mobile Ad with Pimped out Madonna wearing too much eye makeup
    Sun Glasses R Us

    Every scene a rip-off

    But what a production budget …. too bad only the one cameo
    Sampling in the song rrrrr is cute. Gaga needs mammary tune-up (thighs too) Nice tummy

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