03.26.2010 06:04 PM

Power Play March 26: Get a load of Powers’ Star Trek outfit

I talk sense while Powers channels his inner Mr. Spock.  Link.


  1. buckets says:

    It looks like he’s dozed off. You must not be very interesting.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, ordinary people can participate by sending in their questions . . . I’ve sent one in, my daughter is going to U of C tomorrow to see Paul Martin; I think it’s an interesting event. But – I just worry that it’s too much talk, not enough action. Man, do I worry. We’re all worried here. Despair and despondency in Alberta.
    I just heard about 50 new seats being created by Harper, outside of Quebec – to ensure his getting a majority? That was a Bloc asking the question. Ralph Klein did something like that in AB.

    What kind of shirt is that? Did he mention Yoga?

    So — he says Ignatieff is more comfortable in Harvard. Are we supposed to believe that Harper actually hangs out at Tim Horton’s and talks to regular Canadians? Or that he rubs elbows with the hoi polloi anywhere?? Come off it. And how can he keep taking swipes on the “American” thing, does that mean that Tim is anti-American? Is there something wrong with being at Harvard?
    Flaherty also went to Harvard. Did Harper try to get into Harvard?

    Re the conference . . I suspect that Ignatieff is the type of person who has to take care of absolutely all the details, he has to get a really, really thorough grounding in everything, get everyone’s input (Japanese management?) before he is ready to start moving ahead. A perfectionist, in other words. If he’s one of those — they learn randomly, pieces of the pattern come from all directions — but once the patterns are all clicked together, he’ll “get it” more thoroughly than others.

    Excuse my ranting – I’m sitting here in a cervical collar, suffering from vertigo caused by inner ear issues, caused by a dog accident — or maybe it’s from taking up the hobby of watching Question Period. It has to stop.

  3. Catherine says:

    Colbert recently did a segment on his show with a Republican strategist and her case against Obama’s health reform.

    Colbert had a bingo card. The interview ended when the strategist used the Republican script of over-used phrases.

    Tim Powers, and most of the rest, of the Conservative party use ‘sponsorhip scandal’ when they do not like the tack of the discussion.

    They should be called on it, and often.

  4. Sandra says:

    Funny, Powers went to Harvard. He sure needs new material. He’s playing the same game as the Republicans in the US – refering to Obama’s middle name frequently – Barack Hussein Obama.

    Same message – call Ignatieff an American, using a Muslim name for Obama.

    Ignatieff was only in the US for 5 years and Obama is not Muslim, but the message and lies seem to be their game.

    Doesn’t Powers realize how pathetic he comes across these days?

  5. MCBellecourt says:

    I find Tim Powers to be obnoxious and rude and no longer bother listening to his blather.

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