03.12.2010 07:43 AM

Rise Against

My boys and I were on the way to school/work yesterday, listening to one of the greatest political punk bands on the planet, and my oldest told me that ‘Ready To Fall’ – RA’s pro-environment anthem – had been removed from YouTube. I told him I would find it if I could.

Here it is, buddy:


  1. Elizabeth says:

    That’s too sad and disturbing to watch. I’ve rescued 3 horses, not wild horses, from slaughter – I couldn’t watch it for fear he’d have that filmed as well. However, I think it’s a fantastic piece of music/film combination, I’ll just listen.

    Slightly off topic, but are you familiar with the work of Cam Christiansen?
    Artist who went to ACAD, (I was in first year with him and his drawing skills are phenomenal), and then got a degree in Industrial Design from U of C, then married a woman who is in theatre – and this is the result; he’s an award winning film maker.


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