04.03.2010 09:21 AM

Apple sucks lemons

Lots of people getting really, really upset with Apple here in the i-lineup: most of the folks who haven’t purchased an elusive iPad are still waiting to get in – and the stores opened more than an hour ago!

A little boy behind me looks like he’s getting ready to cry. Way to go, Jobs.


  1. Connoisseur says:

    Nothing to do with technology Warren, I’m not into that stuff, just want to take this time to wish you & yours a most Joyous Easter.

  2. Eugene Parks says:

    apple’s iQueue is long and wide, but not high

  3. James Bow says:

    I’ve never quite understood the desire to be first in line. If I wait a week, I avoid the lineup, and I obtain a device that has had at least some of the bugs worked out.

    I do intend to pick up an iPhone eventually. Yes, I’m well behind the curve, but at least I know I’ll get one and that it will work right. The iPad looks like a beautiful machine, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one. I wrote about it when it debuted here: http://bowjamesbow.ca/2010/01/28/oh-beautiful-ip.shtml

  4. Herman Thind says:

    Once you have that hot little number in your hands, you’ll be the envy of the town… and you’ll love it, yes you will…

    Congrats on your (upcoming) purchase. It’ll replace any laptop you ever had… maybe even your tv.

  5. Eugene Parks says:

    How My $499 iPad Purchase Became a $1,170 Credit Card Bill


    … and that tells us that Steve Jobs still does not get that technical sophistication does not trump the ugly feeling from being up sold

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