04.21.2010 06:45 AM

Once again proving my theory about BMW drivers

As my kids will tell you, I believe all BMW drivers are jerks and/or stupid (with the notable exception of Bob and Craig, but that’s it).

In this vid, documenting an incident in Toronto that has been seen globally, my theory is proven yet again:


  1. aboucher says:

    Perhaps not an apt name for the driver in question
    (From Wikipedia):
    “The word Kaushal in Devnagri thesaurus (Hindi language) means skillful.”

  2. JStanton says:

    …that was awesome! What a terrific machine, even if the driver was challenged. For me, Honda, Toyota, and mini-van drivers are the stupid a-holes, who don’t quite get the whole traffic-flow thing, and are thick enough to be oblivious to how they are blocking the passage of the world around them.

  3. Mike D says:

    So given your most recent posts on BMW drivers (“are jerks and/or stupid”), the characterization of Breitkreuz as “the gift that keeps on giving” and your shellacking the NDP as “wimping out”, have you picked a start date for your pledge to post fewer comments and more facts? Just wondering.

  4. parnel says:

    That driver was not “challenged”. He/she was being malicious.

    Re Stanton’s other comment. I drive a Mercedes and don’t have an issue with most Toyota,etc drivers. The BMW ones think they own the road however because the car increases (artificially) their testoserone and is possibly the only way they get it up.

  5. Marc L says:

    I drive a BMW. I don’t think I own the road. I get pissed off at bad drivers — those who tailgate, don’t stop at stop signs, speed, weave across lanes, don’t signal turns and lane changes, pass on the right (which is illegal here in Quebec), talk on their cellphones while driving, put on makeup while driving, shave while driving, read while driving. I do none of those things. How many of you who criticize BMW drivers as aholes can say as much. My BMW 3 series is a great car. That’s all. It’s not an extension of a part of my anatomy. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Driving our Toyota minivan, daughter has a learner’s and she was driving, tends to be very cautious – headed to Talisman Center, coming out of a side street to move across 3 lanes to get to the access, because you’ve got a limited distance to do it in.
    Waited for the whole block to clear before proceeding lane by lane, but this car, fairly large, new, black BMW – came at high speed behind us and passed in annoyance because we weren’t going fast enough, daughter gave him a “look”, he pulled right smack in front of us in the lane leading to Talisman, and stopped his car.
    He got out of the car – she locked the doors as soon as he got out, and he came back to our car. She leaned on the horn (I was sitting there in amazement) and she picked up her cellphone and showed it to him, all the while leaning on the horn and telling him where to go in no uncertain terms. By this time, we’d attracted a lot of attention, so he just waved his arms outside the car – and walked back and drove off. I don’t think I would have even thought to lock the doors, let alone lean on the horn.

    We probably should have called 911, but the horn, and the number of people watching him probably did the trick. Lots of experiences with BMW drivers, but that one was extreme.

  7. Herman Thind says:

    It’s not “a-holes” driving Bimmers. We’ve had Bimmers in the family for years – and are car enthusiasts. The cars are safe, reasonably affordable (I bought a 3 series for less than a loaded out Accord/Camry), and great on fuel for 6 cyl engines. We’ve been adherents since before the 1980s “yuppy-trash” trend started to happen (Yes, Warren, we know a lot of that anti-Bimmer angst comes from our punk-rock days… I hear ya. I used to make fun of the yuppies driving a 3 Series, and pretending it was a “super high end luxury car” that made them better than everyone…).

    We’ve had German cars in the family since the early 1960s, and have always liked the way they drive, feel, and are set up (controls, etc).

    This video/issue isn’t about car types. It is all about a-holes with too much money, and not enough brains. In this day and age, it says more about SUV drivers, and it could have just as easily been a Lexus driver…

  8. Sydneyminer says:

    …and this nice story as a follow up


  9. Martin says:

    Wow- that move by Hyundai was an absolutely excellent idea. Great for the company’s reputation. Not exactly free, but probably great value. If I didn’t like VWs so much, they’d be my next choice.

    • Warren says:

      I’m a Volks man, too. Have had new Beetles, old Beetles, Jettas, Passats and am about to get the new Gold wagon. (And forgot we had a Fastback, too. Loved that car.)

  10. allegra fortissima says:

    after manoeuvring my old, whacky Minivan flawlessly into a tiny parking spot in front of my favourite coffee shop, an elderly gentleman gave me a big smile: “You didn’t get your driver’s license over here, eh!” He was right… welcome to BC:)

  11. Marc L says:

    You have it all wrong anyways. BMWs are very sophisticated cars. This one was just trying to mate.

  12. MCBellecourt says:

    Ah, there’s something to be said about not bothering with driving. Been able to do quite nicely without it, and as time goes on, I’ve saved a lot of money in both gas and insurance deductibles.

    More to spend on music creation… 😀

  13. Craig says:

    I have to confess. I own a BMW and am both a jerk and stupid.

  14. Steve T says:

    Thereby re-inforcing my belief that everyone, regardless of age or “merits” on their driver’s license, should have to take a full driver’s test every 5 years. The number of incompetent drivers on the road would drop dramatically.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    BMW drivers are becoming targets!


    I’ll have to drive one someday, and find out what it’s all about; but I want a VW Golf next.

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