04.05.2010 09:04 AM

Question Period, April 4: Guergis-gate and the polls

Craig corrals conflicting consultants.  Linkage location.


  1. Tceh says:

    According to the Ottawa citizen Guergis IS good at creative home financing.


    Imagine what she could do creatively financing for the entire country. Jim Flaherty look out, Helena has your job in her sights! Record deficit……..what record deficit?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    If I don’t really think about it too much, it doesn’t bother me a great deal. That’s when I just turn the knowledge voume down; and switch off all the reading I’ve done over the years, all the fighting I’ve carried out against bullies, and all the times I’ve defended other people against rude people like Guergis; male or female – and the souring, corrosive effect that people like her in all walks of life have had on our lives today. And I won’t think about you know – whatever the hell happened to women’s liberation. Or civility, and kindness towards other people – kindness that extends to wanting to help others, like the Brownies and Girl Guides — or you know, average volunteers. And what happened to curiosity and sense of adventure in women, God only knows. Guergis apparently thinks that sitting her arse in a chair and having her hair streaked is about all she needs to do for the country.

    However, if I allow myself to think about this, I get just really furious and basically speechless that an airhead like Guergis is in an important government position. It’s just so wrong. I KNOW 18 year old girls, 20 year olds, 80 year olds. . . who would do a far better job than she has done. They would not be abusive towards airport staff, because they’ve been raised properly, and because they have more compassion for other people. This is what happens when you push forward someone whose aspirations have been to become a beauty queen – that’s not the sort of mindset or intelligence you want for an MP, or a minister. Airhead, space cadet. “baby” talker.

    How did someone like this, get to a Junior Minister’s position, a member of cabinet, an MP, who is going to have a pension? This action of hers, the letters – is indicative of someone who just doesn’t have any ethics, or principles. Morally bankrupt. And gets AWAY with it, with padding.

    What did the rest of us do wrong? What happened to women in Canada?

    That’s a great colour green by the way, very flattering. Looks like moss green; nice. Good job staying a lot calmer than I would have.

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