04.22.2010 09:59 AM

Set phasers on stunned

Actually, as an unrepentant Trekkie – to wit, I sleep every night in a room containing, inter alia, a real Tribble and two signed original series Star Trek scripts, worth kabillions – this news makes me very, very excited. It would, you might say, make me live long and prosper.

Hell, I might even consider voting Conservative if they follow through on this one. That’s nowhere I have gone before, believe me.

“You! What planet is this!” I’ve always wanted to say that, even wildly out of context. (Who said it? Which episode? Hint: it’s the one that won a Hugo.)

Anyway. If you grok with me on this one, sign the petition. This is a dream that could become reality, and spread throughout the stars. (Which episode? Who said it?)

Now, beam up your views on my poll!



  1. Eugene Parks says:

    … and the conservatives are the ones saying M. Ignatieff has not lived in Canada long enough

  2. Dude. None of the above. I am pretty sure it was Dr. McCoy in City on the Edge of Forever. Could be wrong but don’t think so.

    • Warren says:

      You are right!

      For you, that is perhaps a first.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        A Conservative GG is a no-brainer. You want someone who is as close to this Prime Minister as is possible…no sweat, a quick trip to Madame Tussaud’s should do the trick — and the new GG won’t even have to do any of his own talking!

  3. Pedro says:

    I’m trusting your post is entirely tongue in cheek? No?
    Seriously, there are many distinguished Canadians, most of whom toil below the scandal-charmed media attention everywhere today, who would hono(u)rably represent the ideals of Canada’s democracy that, Horror!, even you, Warren, and right of centre Canadians, can agree on.
    As a famous ersatz American president said (I paraphrase): “We’ve got serious problems that need serious solutions!”.
    I’m a Shatner fan from way back as well but GG?! Heck, why not Walter Ostanek?!
    I’m hoping PM Harper is searching far and wide and a candidate that makes all of us proud is selected.

  4. Harbles says:

    Do you really think Bill would leave Hollywood? Especially after getting the starring role in Shit my Dad Says?

  5. James Smith says:

    – These voters are not Trekers as THE CORRECT answer (from the list) is without question #3!
    – My 20-something son & his pals call someone who’s useless “Ensign Ricky” because that what we’ve always called the Red Shirts
    – THE actual correct answer is Edith Keeler

  6. Nasty Bob says:

    As long as he reads every throne speech in Cpt. Kirk staccato – The. Government. Iscomitttedto……make. Canada …..
    And he doesn’t ever sing- even Oh Canada – I’m all for it!


  7. Brent Sienna says:

    What about Kirk from the Mirror Mirror Universe? He would be a good fit for Harper, they would get along famously.

  8. Darrell says:

    Can Mr. Ignatieff be Spock’s father during the next election.

  9. Wannabeapiper says:

    Stardate: 3134.0
    Original Airdate: Apr 6, 1967

    City on the edge of forever

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Ha! I just joined the FB page this morning, and sent it to all my friends no matter where they are.

    So far, Harper’s ability to pick good people isn’t all that impressive. I’m really afraid of having to see Preston Manning put in there.

    Spock is going to be at the Calgary Comic Book Convention – $60 for a photo with him. This weekend, Saturday.

    I wonder though if he’d leave the warmth of California to move to Ottawa.

  11. Connoisseur says:

    But Will He Give The Speech From The Throne In His Stilted Fashion That’s What

    I Want To Know ??

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