04.30.2010 10:13 AM

This Reformatory anti-CBC stuff is boring

It’s useful as a fundraising tool with CBC-hating SoCon grassy knoll types, I guess, but it’s also a lie.

To wit:

  • “I’m not a CBC booster, but the CBC was the best.” Stephen Harper, Globe, November 20, 1995
  • “The CBC/SRC is and will remain Canada’s public broadcaster.” Stephen Harper, National Post, September 15, 2006


  1. Tceh says:

    Conservative paranoia is out of control when their numbers start to soften. They need to relax a bit. The lashing out thing is so last year.

  2. Scott Tribe says:


    You’d find this Tweet and this tweetfrom Allan McGregor of the Citizen interesting as well.. maybe even more interesting then Harper’s quotes.

  3. James Smith says:

    This ‘ol saw makes me larf, but the thing about the big lie is one has to squash it or it takes on “Truthieness” . (See 8 years of the Shrub administration in the USofA if you need an example.)

    What needs to be pointed out to all those who love the present PM that the CBC’s main political opin segment stars:
    1 – One of the most right wing journalists working for the nation’s most right wing newspaper
    2 – A person who lives and breaths contempt for anything Liberal, especially if their mother tongue be french
    And last but not least –
    3 – The former POLLSTER for the Tory PM who is The Most Hated Politician in Canadian History

    Geeze if only Fox News was as balanced

  4. Steve says:

    It may be boring, but the fund raising aspect has interesting outcomes.

    The funds raised by the Tories from their troglodyte anti-CBC core constituency go to their war chest. The war chest presumably disburses funds to the Tory candidates in consituencies like mine, Aurora (ON) where the demographic is likely one which actually does like the CBC and often looks to the National and related news programmes for information.

    My MP – Lois Brown CPC (formerly Reform/Allaince) – was elected in 2008 after a well-financed campaign that started with extensive pre-writ advertising.

    Prior to and during the campaign she esposued the Tory talking points and expressly said that there would be no deficit under a Harper Government and perpetuated the Tory slander that the Liberals were corrupt, unaccountable, that Stephane Dion was not a leader, etc.

    Since being elected, her main contribution to her consitituency and Parliament has been her apparent infrequent attendance in the Commons and when there, to act as a Harper sock puppet to slag Liberals, Warren Kinsella personally, and otherwise to appear at photo-ops dispensing Tory largesse.

    Not so boring for someone who winces whenever I see / hear Ms. Brown.

  5. Ted says:

    DefCon3 – blame the media

  6. Eugene Parks says:

    Ya, we know, they hate the CBC… and a whole lot of other stuff too. That’s them.

  7. jordan says:

    I wonder if there is a way for private citizens sending, openly and legally. monetary contributions to the CBC. Or would forming an association for defending/rescuing the CBC be a good idea.

    • Eugene Parks says:

      Generally there is nothing wrong with gifts to crown corps, educational institutions, hospital, museums etc so long as there is the proper paper work filled out with the need for appraisals for non-monetary gifts. .. a tax lawyer would know the ropes and the institution in question would have the proper forms in place… just ask them. I suspect estate gifts are the surest way to avoid any hint of a conflict of interest. You are allowed to support public institutions so long as there is no quid pro quo. In my non-lawyer opinion.

  8. Tceh says:

    The horror! CBC strikes back in a cunning and insidious way by reporting on this dark comedy. It looks like the Harper Birthday extravaganza is a bust. And shucks he even hauled out the blue sweater for the occasion.


    • Tceh says:

      CBC pulled the story!

      Harper didn’t his warm fuzzy blue sweater birthday photo-op. Who’s heads will roll at the PMO? No job for you bungling PMO aide.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    You can go to Friends of CBC.


    I get mail from them – envelopes that declare in large black and red letters that HARPER IS GOING TO DESTROY THE CBC’, delivered to the mailbox by the sidewalk, and I live in Harper’s riding; so we always speculate on what the mailman is thinking.

  10. leeky says:

    “I wonder if there is a way for private citizens sending, openly and legally. monetary contributions to the CBC. ”

    Now THAT is an idea I can get behind. Let’s make the CBC PPV. Then I don’t have to pay for something I don’t use and subscribers can subsidize it to their heart’s content.


    • frobisher grove says:

      Excellent. Let those of us who don’t wish for the forthcoming super-prisons for pot-heads know how to avoid payment on those, too. Also, very few people use the Trans-Canada highway near Wawa. Let’s get rid of it. Or make it PPD!

  11. Anne Peterson says:

    There is an association. It is called Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

  12. Anne Peterson says:

    Every democracy needs a public broadcaster. In Europe the average amount of public money paid to public broadcasters per capita is about 88 dollars per year. In Britain the BBC is paid for with a license fee. It amounts to something like 150 dollars per year. In Canada the cost of the CBC is close to 33 dollars per capita per year. All western democracies have public broadcasters and most are at arms length from the government as ours should be.

  13. Personally, I find all the anti Harper comments by Liberals on this and other sites to be boring. I know that Harper stands for “The true north strong and free”. The Liberals seem to stand for bitching and whining. How about some positive comments about Canada for a change? Have you ever considered humour? A new exciting policy initiative would help rather than a warmed over rehash of old unfulfilled promises. You are dangerously close to falling south of 25% support. It is time to try a new approach.

    • auntie-em-m says:

      And you know about boring! and predictable!! You angry guys make me laugh.

    • parnel says:

      “The true north strong and free”

      show us how the Tories stand for that so we can all get a good laugh. Give us some humour man.

    • Justin says:

      Blast! You’re onto us and our secret plan to weaken the country through Hockey Night in Canada, Rick Mercer, and Stuart McLean…

      The dream is dead.

  14. Paul R. Martin says:

    Just in case you have not noticed, Harper is a strong Canadian nationalist. He has benefited the nationalist sentiment in Canada. The most compelling examples of the nationalist sentiment in this country are the Highway of Heros and the Own The Podium program at the Olympics. Ignatief has been successfully painted as a person who is just visiting. You are on the wrong side of Canadian nationalism when you attack the actions of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. For a little bit of humour, I find the Leger survey to be hilarious. The Liberals are at 25% in the latest Leger Poll.

    • james smith says:

      LOL! Now that’s what we needed, more LARFFS!
      The present PM, the author of “Lets build a firewall around Alberta” the guy’s major achievement fostering decent in Canada & shame abroad is a NATIONALIST? Really? How is that a thing? – Oh I get it irony! – Funny bunny!
      Oh, sorry, I forgot the Highway of Heroes (note the correct spelling) – perhaps you should check with Mr K, as this was the idea & implementation of a fella named Dalton. As for the Olympics; now THAT is funny! I guess any Athletes who had a PM that makes me look like I’m in shape would be motivated to excel at the winter games – just to prove all Canadians aren’t built like our DEAR LEADER. Yer some funny wha?
      Oh, no, perhaps you mean the success of a program that had it’s genesis with a fella named Chrétien & was implemented in your namesake’s administration? Either way – good times!
      – Dude, this is the fella who refuses to clear the names of our armed forces by not releasing information to our elected officials. So that’s funny right? No, not funny exactly, more of that o’l irony – you got me! Totally got me!

    • Ian says:

      Harper had nothing to do with the Highway of Heroes. That recognition was introduced and implemented by the Ontario Liberals. Hatched in his twisted mind, Harper spews out his twisted lines about how other Canadians are attacking our Armed Forces. He is a shameless liar.

  15. Paul R. Martin says:

    Hello Ian and James. You misinterpret me. The Liberals are on the wrong side when it comes to Canadian Patriotism. In the Commons, it is quite obvious that Liberals are slinging mud in the direction of the Canadian military. They come accross as anti miltary. After all, this is the party that once ran the silly “soldiers in the streets with guns” election ad.
    The mud from this debate is sticking to the Liberals rather than the Conservatives. That is one reason why you are sliping in the polls. You really need to get out a positive message rather than a negative one. If I have made any spelling errors, get over it!

    • parnel says:



      • Paul R. Martin says:

        Look! The name calling will get you nowhere. The negative vibes are a complete turnoff as far as the voting public is concerned. For example, if I went out and called a certain MP “thunder thighs” I would rightly be dumped on. Calling her a name would actually help her.

    • james smith says:

      No, don’t think I misinterpreted your POV, I think it’s what you said; FUNNY. (In both senses of the term.)
      Next you might claim that the Habs are doing so well is a result of the present PM eating lucky charms for breckie.
      I know that mission control wants y’all to make it seem that the opposition is name calling the Forces when the ONLY person casting stones at our troops is the present PM when he claims that ligit questions are calling the honour of our forces into question. I put to you this is disingenuous at best.
      Jeepers, if my pointing out that one of your erroneous examples is not just funny but was even misspelled – wow sorr-ry! I know humor only works when one’s hide ain’t paper thin.
      I may be a sophomoric partisan, but I really attempt to keep my goofs in places like this free of name calling. You’re offended that in the context of a goofy retort to a goofy post that a lard arse like me lumps meself in with the body image of the person who is presently the PM? – shucks, you need to get out more.

  16. Nick says:

    PRM I suspect you are right that the PM succeeded in tarring the opposition with being “unpatriotic”. I thoroughly disagree with you that inquiring about possible abuses of the Geneva Convention is unpatriotic. I know this is a canard that Republicans have used to demonize and bully opponents in the United States. I doubt our troops were involved in any sort of torture but it would not surprise me that our Afhgani “allies” are engaged in all sorts of brutal repression. This needs to come to light. It is difficult to ask questions when people are putting their lives at risk but we do our soldiers a greater dishonour if we flee from the truth. I think this has unfortunately hurt the opposition who are doing the courageous thing. I also think the perception of secrecy is hurting the conservatives and keeping them in minority territory.

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