04.22.2010 07:57 AM

Tim Hudak’s Sex Ed Class

…except, in this version, the Ontario Conservative leader would prefer you receive this chat when you are in a university graduate class.


  1. allegra fortissima says:

    Thank you for the information on male physiological function – I didn’t know that:)

  2. Gavin MacDonald says:

    I think you were a little early moking the PCs this time.

    On second thought … http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/mcguinty-to-shelve-sex-ed-plan/article1543479/

  3. scott says:

    McGuinty just flip-flopped once again, shelving the new sex-ed plan. I wonder if it was the Christian or the Muslim backlash he was worried about…. heh. Anyways, it was a disgusting plan, 11 year old children should not be taught about anal intercourse, period. He did the right thing but for the wrong reasons, once again, of course.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      ….uhhh, I dunno, scott…not sure about where you live, but the way some of the “tweens” dress around these parts, you might want to reconsider that. I’d rather they got the education from a controlled classroom environment rather than from the pop ‘icons’ (cough cough) who do a lot of the fashion marketing…

      • MCBellecourt says:

        …on the other hand, the ‘anal’ side of it could wait. We get enough of that from (unnamed for now) Ministers anyway…

  4. Northbaytrapper says:

    This idea has all the trappings of a “Beer and Popcorn” comment. Dalton would be wise to let this one fade away, at least he can tell the factions pushing this idea that he tried.

  5. Michael Teper says:

    McGuinty’s curriculum document called for teachers to say to their Grade 6 classes that wet dreams are OK. I assume that the premier would be willing to show up at my house at 2:00 am to do the laundry.

  6. Iris Mclean says:

    It really does look like McGuinty is determined to throw the next election. The HST, and the huge increase in hydro rates will pretty much insure a return of the “common sense” party. The thankfully reversed decision to teach little kids about sexual matters, was the last nail. It really is sad, but it seems that the Ontario Libs are looking forward to a time out, and some juicy pension cheques.

  7. hitfan says:

    I think sex education should be the responsibility of the parents. I understand that parents are far too bashful (I didn’t really get any real sex education outside of schoolyard talk), but every time this issue comes up, it just creates a lot of unnecessary controversy.

    The left likes to make fun of the idiots on the right. But there are morons on the left as well–like the ones who actually pushed these ridiculous ideas with McGuinty to begin with.

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