04.01.2010 12:12 PM

Yes, it is April 1, isn’t it?

About 95 per cent of you weren’t fooled for a minute.  Some who who were – people I know! – were sucked in, hook, line and sinker.  Shame, Mr. Speaker, shame!

Anyway, if you still need me to show my bona fides, I can report that CBC’s elves passed along Iggy with Strombo.  Don’t have the embed code, only the link.

Ha!  Gotcha!


  1. Bill says:

    Warren, you’re far too smart for the reformatories.

    I like how Ignatieff handled the questions.

    Damn I’m primed for an election.

    Mind you I live in Westmount, Qc. and we’d elect a three legged Taleban transvestite, not that there’s anything wrong with that, if it was running for the LPC.

  2. Jon Evan says:

    Yes, let’s have an election!

    MI has found a wedge issue which shall define (finally) his version of LPC. He has also invoked Hillary as his heroine who came to Canada to lecture us on how to be a proper country. Sad that.

  3. Sandra says:

    People read what they want to it seems. Clinton was asked for the US position and that’s what she gave us.

    Also, anyone notice that the media, Canadians and all other overly sensitive people haven’t attacked the “male” equivalents (i.e. UK-Miliband) for giving their position on the issue?

    • Jon Evan says:

      Incorrect, Hillary gave HER position not the “US” position as she obviously doesn’t speak for all Americans nor even her boss who just signed an executive order designed to ensure that no federal money can be used for elective abortions under the nation’s new health care legislation. Or was that just a trick to woo those nice republicans? Maybe, she has read the fine print of that executive order which reads that nonetheless federal money can be used to fund elective abortions in Africa under the nation’s new health care legislation. Hillary while just visiting gave her opinion not that of the American people. MI likewise who in conservative eyes and others is also just visiting and so can easily ally with another just visiting American. Likely, he can’t ally with Miliband just yet!

  4. BK says:

    I, of course, realized the Liberal Card is no longer paper and is not so easily ripped up. Plastic is forever.

  5. According to Southpark, 1/4 of all Americans are idiots (they use a more derogatory term). In comparison, your numbers aren’t so bad.

  6. Bob says:

    Living in BC I read this before I went to bed. I felt a lump in the pit of my stomach after reading it. If Warren’s turned all is lost. I went to bed and was tossing and turning when I suddenly sat bolt upright. “It’s April 1st” I thought. “Warren’s not a Conservative.” I then slept like a baby.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Warren a Conservative – it would never happen. It just wouldn’t – he doesn’t fit in any way. Can you see him as an MP? Sitting behind Harper? The suit just does not work.
    Had me going for 2 nanoseconds.

    One of the radio DJs in Calgary once started announcing the time as one hour earlier than it was; and everyone was racing to work; going downtown. I seriously could have choked the guy when I found out.

  8. Derek Lipman says:

    The melancholic prose nearly had me. If my photographic memory serves me correctly, there was a similarly written post (about the future of this site) after you went under the knife. But this one was just too unbelievable. Though it was funny reading the comments.

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