05.14.2010 11:28 AM

Alberta Liberals have ideas!

…and they’re good ones, too, as Calgree Grit writes.

Heading up to Edmonton, this aft, to meet up with Alberta Libs. It’s gonna be a great convention!


  1. Sandra says:

    pssst…..Warren, CalgaryGrit is an intelligent and level headed young man – don’t you think he should run for the Liberals?

  2. nastyboy says:

    Some of those ideas are OK. Too bad the Alberta Liberals will never form a government.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    We’re hoping WK will stay, and become an MLA. Or an Alderman in Calgary. Or Mayor.

    • MLA for which party and “Why”??
      I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a welcome addition to one of our levels of government.but,I don’t think “small pond” Alberta would interest him.Maybe being leader of the provincial liberals would interest him…….but that would only be for the fun of kicking sand in the face of the PC’s and Wildrose.He knows he would never lead our government.
      Also,I’m getting the vibe that he is sick and tired of the federal liberals and will be concentrating on Ontario politics at the provincial level from now on.
      I don’t understand how he can support McGuinty(or his brother for that matter),but, he does love being able to pull(and influence) the strings behind the scenes.

  4. Tom says:

    The Calgary Herald has some really fine words for the Alberta Liberals in this article. Tell me what you think, Warren.


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