05.03.2010 06:16 AM

Con Minister’s Canada doesn’t include Quebec



  1. Marc L says:

    Go Habs Go!!!!!

  2. Paul R. Martin says:

    In the Red Corner stands Warren and Les Canadiens. In the Blue corner stands James and The Canucks. Somehow the Leafs and the Senators are once again missing in action. The outcome could be decided by a true Canadian hero from Nova Scotia named Sid The Kid!

  3. Anon says:

    Oh, give poor Jimbo a break. He’s only the Heritage Minister.

  4. parnel says:

    Since the cons are definitely not Canada’s team he continues the TORY tradition…….. a culture of deceipt AND DIVISION.

  5. Connoisseur says:

    What do you expect? This guy was on Tout le Monde en Parle a year ago and couldn’t name Guy Laliberté as founder of Cirque du Soleil, or Céline Galipeau as Radio-Canada’s main correspondent, among other things..

    Vive le Bleu, Blanc, Rouge !

  6. Paul R. Martin says:

    There are very few Conservative voters in Montreal. B. C. will be much more crucial to the Conservatives in the upcoming election. Besides, I have a lot of faith in Sid the Kid. Just as he defeated the Americans in the Olympics, he will send the Canadiens down to defeat. As Luongo is from Montreal, Montreal fans will still have one of their own to cheer for. Go Luongo Go!
    I do remember the Leafs winning the cup in the 60’s. Ron Ellis from my high school was on the 67 Leaf team.

  7. smelter rat says:

    Go Jets!

  8. luke says:

    ummm, guys, we’re supposed to be making fun of warren because he

    A) uses windows


    B) uses explorer

  9. Tceh says:

    Is Moore is hoping for a post playoff bounce for the Clownservatives? He can’t be serious.

  10. Michael Watkins says:

    Indeed… there are two Canadian teams still in the hunt.

    I cheer on the Habs and the *Vancouver* Canucks and will continue to do so unless they end up meeting one another in the finals in which case my loyalties lie with the *Vancouver* Canucks.

    Despite the off-colour references to the Canadian Reform Appliance Party, I’m glad to see Moore supporting *Vancouver’s* team although I suspect his face erupts with an uncontrollable twitch whenever he does so, as the mere mention of Vancouver must remind him that there are exactly zero Conservative MP’s elected in the City of Vancouver.

    Go Canadiens + Canucks go!

  11. Sandra says:

    Geez, does he not realize that he now represents “ALL” of Canada? What a doze.

  12. Steve T says:

    I wish I could take credit for the following comment, but I have to confess – this was one of the comments on this pseudo-crisis on the CTV News website. I think it accurately sums up the ridiculousness of this situation:

    Just where in the manual “How To Be A True Liberal And Lose Your Sense Of Humour In The Process” does it say that having some fun is the exclusive domain of conservatives? Friends, co-workers and family members all kid each other about their hockey teams, debate who will win and argue about who is the best or worse. It`s part of the Canadian culture. Should we really expect politicians to stop being human and become nothing more than engineered automatons? I see nothing but complaints from the left about the need for transparency but when a Conservative member decides to harmlessly let his hair down a little and show his human side, they can’t wait to vilify him. For heaven’s sake Libs, ignore the manual and try developing a small sense of humour. You might even enjoy it. Really, your face won’t crack.

    • Jon Pertwee says:

      Ha ha funny Steve T. I guess Liberals would laugh if Conservatives learned how to tell a joke. Until then its just more lead footed timing.

  13. Brian Busby says:

    Poor Vancouver, for two decades it had to deal with the ugliest jerseys in the league, now fashion icon James Moore describes those worn today as “Canadian Alliance-esque”. Why? For no other reason than they feature blue and green.

    His preference is easy to understand, I suppose – after all, Montrealers have never elected a Harper Conservative. Oh, wait, neither have Vancouverites.

  14. Robert K says:

    Mr. Moore clearly has some ‘splaining to do A friendly visit from Senator Jacques Demers might help in this regard.

    This might also help….


  15. Riff says:

    Never has and never will!

    Vive les Habs!
    Vive les Canadiens!
    Vive le Québec!
    Vive le Québec au sein du Canada
    Vive le Canada tout court!

  16. george says:

    is this part of your culture war, a b.c. mp cheers for the canucks,so be it..good on you pens one game closer to telling those loutish hab fans to shut the f*** up.when you need an o.t. loss to the leafs to eke in you must be god’s and by extension warren’s team .

  17. Lawrence Barry says:

    Go Canucks and Go Habs! One thing is for certain though – NO ONE will ever call the Leafs ” Canada’s Team”

  18. Mac atack says:

    you missed it all they’re calling them quebec’s NATIONAL team … wise up now … trois couleur … hopeless.

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